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ICEE Telecoms

Implementation Services

We are a specialist in the communications infrastructure industry offering fast, flexible, high calibre and cost effective service solutions to our customers ever changing needs.

With our vast experience working with operators and vendors ICEE is unique in being able to offer full network deployment services together with experienced project managers, in house logistics, warehouse management, staging and engineering support, including the design, manufacture and fitting out of bespoke External Equipment Cabinets .

ICEE has capabilities in the Telecoms, Broadcast &  Transportation Infrastructure.

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ICEE Electrical Enclosures

Electrical Enclosures Manufacture

Our engineering fabrication department enables ICEE to offer a range of bespoke electrical cabinets, enclosures and sub assemblies. From design to assembly and testing we deliver a total enclosure manufacturing solution.

ICEE currently manufactures Type 600 and high quality enclosures as well as cabinets powered by renewable solar and wind sources.

ICEE offer a comprehensive range of products and services – from simple brackets to large fabrications or complete turnkey fabrication solutions.

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ICEE Water Profile Cutting

Laser Cutting & Waterjet Cutting Services

Water jet cutting and profiling technology is the fastest growing major machine tool process in the world.

It is a cold cutting option to our laser cutting services, plasma cutting, milling and conventional machining which can produce highly accurate, detailed profiles cut from virtually any material up to a thickness of 200mm.

We can allow for tight nesting and reduced scrap – saving you money through greater material utilization. We are able to offer and deliver small precise machine components, from one-offs and batch work to large fabrications.

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ICEE do a very good job at meeting our requirements with the information and time frame they are given.

We have always been happy with the service provided by ICEE and they are often very competitive when it comes to cost.

A great company to deal with.