Our Industry Sectors

With over 30 years of experience, ICEE has built a name associated with high quality, impeccable efficiency, prompt delivery and – thanks to its depth of experience gained over many years – right-first time results. Over the years, we have developed a number of projects for our clients that have enabled us to gather unexcelled knowledge and experience within the following industry sectors.


ICEE provides ultra-fast broadband and FTTC, FTTH & FTTP equipment enclosures. We design for manufacture, pre-stage, install and integrate into the network standard or bespoke solutions. Our UK field service capability includes site delivery, maintenance, and upgrading/refurbishing old network cabinets.


We work with leading telecoms network operators, equipment vendors, national broadcast and data organisations. We are experienced in reliable project delivery of fixed and mobile networks, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), small cell and 5G Technology.


Bespoke Enclosures

We rapidly design, make, install and maintain many special enclosure types, from one-off to many. Full design to manufacture capability for applications in sports broadcasting, cycle hire docks, multi-type equipment enclosure for telecoms, pharmaceutical, clean room and educational environments.

EV Charger Installation

NICEIC and OLEV certified, we work with leading equipment suppliers, installing high quality workplace Electric Vehicle charging systems across the UK. Our turnkey service embraces planning for immediate and future demand, installation and ongoing field maintenance.




Encompassing highways, railways and marine projects, ICEE offers complete solutions from standard and bespoke equipment enclosures to project delivery, pre-staging, systems integration, site installation and commissioning with ongoing maintenance, together with an outstanding safety record.


Green Technology

ICEE are commited in the fight to save the planet through a variety of ways. Previously we have worked on Solar Storage, Off Grid Hydrogen Refueling Solutions, Remote Solar Powered CCTV Outstations as well as Electrical Charging Stations. We also offer green technology, such as Living Walls.

Metal Fabrication Services


From parts and assemblies to completely finished products, we rapidly develop exceptional, highly competitive solutions. To do this, we continually invest in the latest CAD and CNC manufacturing equipment, coupled to highly dedicated and qualified design and engineering expertise.

ICEE offers thermic fibre laser and cold-cutting water jet profiling services. We process almost any type and thickness of metal or plastic sheet fast and accurately. Our water jet also cuts 3D parts, offering great scope for design innovation and cost savings. From tiles to wood, we can cut it all.


Our Process


Our in-house resources, cross sector experience and highly qualified engineers give us the ability to offer our clients a bespoke end-to-end fabrication and project management service. Whether you’re interested in a complete solution or just one service, view our process to find out what we can do for your specific needs.
Design for Manufacture
Laser & Water Profile Cutting
Installation and Commissioning
Maintenance and Decommissioning

A Multitude of Accreditations

We have a strong commitment to quality and best practice, and we place great emphasis on the continuous improvement of our services and the achievement of a high level of electrical cabinet compliance.

ICEE Accreditations



“I’m seeing ICEE as an innovation partner, so when we go in there and say this is what I want to achieve, this is what we’ve got so far, they have helped us get to a perfect product quicker than before. They are as much an innovation partner as simply a manufacturing and assembly company”.


“The design of an enclosure is crucial, fundamental to the whole project. ICEE’s experience in cabinet design, manufacturing and build is so useful”.


“Managing all of this reliably and consistently speaks volumes for ICEE’s competence, expertise and ability to offer more than simply a panal cutting service”.

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