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To give customers exactly what they require, ICEE rapidly designs and makes bespoke equipment enclosures and special cabinets that are affordable, avoid compromise and offer many other benefits.

Our complete range of bespoke services cover design and development, manufacture and fit-out, installation and lifecycle maintenance. Examples of solutions for customers range from making, building, and installing fully fitted-out enclosures for hiring folding bicycles, to manufacturing and assembling a range of innovative industrial parts cleaning machines, and fabricating large painted shell structures to house advanced refuelling systems for hydrogen-powered vehicles, all made from sheet metal.

Compared to inflexible and standard off-the-shelf products ICEE bespoke enclosures compete on price and excel on functional value. This is because, to your specification, we cost-efficiently and rapidly design and manufacture using the latest 3D solid modelling CAD technology and state-of-the-art, CNC-driven production machinery. Facilitated by lean manufacturing, we produce prototypes, one-offs, or batches of enclosures. Please see examples below and contact us with your requirements.

Bike Hire

Solar or grid connected bike hire docking scheme

Industrial Refrigeration

Bespoke refridgeration pack housing


Bespoke cleaning stations for the Automobile sector 

Bespoke Hydrogen refuelling cabinet

Off Grid 

Hydrogen Refueling solutions

Our Process

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Our in-house resources, cross sector experience and highly qualified engineers give us the ability to offer our clients a bespoke end-to-end fabrication and project management service. Whether you’re interested in a complete solution or just one service, view our fabrication process to find out what we could do for your specific needs.
Design for manufacturing
Design for Manufacturing
Profile Cutting
Design for manufacturing
Design for manufacturing
Installation and Commissioning
Maintenance and Decommissioning
Maintenance and Decommissioning

What we stand for

In 2014 ICEE went through a re-brand that aimed to bring together all the things that have helped us build our business and reputation over the years. After putting our heads together and talking to our clients we decided upon the four core values that make us who we are and differentiate us from everyone else on the market:


  • Innovation in our service and solutions, beginning in our facilities, which host some of the most technologically advanced and providing machines, through to the lean manufacturing expertise and qualifications of our engineers
  • Collaboration from start to finish, from the very first contact with our company, you will benefit from having a dedicated account manager who will ensure that your needs are heard, ideas achieved, and projects completed in a timely, safe, and productive manner
  • Excellence in quality and outcomes due to our in-house resources, which enable us to strictly monitor and manage the full fabrication, installation, and maintenance process, ensuring that you are provided with the highest standard of service and safety
  • Experience to achieve right first time results has given us the opportunity to accumulate a long list of loyal, repeat-business customers, as well as a chance to work in a wide range of environments and with some of the largest organisation in the country

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