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Bespoke Enclosures

Bespoke Enclosure Manufacturing is at the heart of ICEE. Your next bespoke enclosure is a click away.

Custom-built and Future-proof

Solutions for a variety of industries.

To give customers exactly what they want, ICEE rapidly designs and manufactures bespoke equipment enclosures and special cabinets that are affordable. Our complete range of bespoke services cover a multitude of different industries. From folding bike enclosures, to innovative industrial parts cleaning machines.

Our UK field service capability includes installation, ongoing maintenance, equipment upgrading and cost-effective refurbishment of old network cabinets.

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Our Expertise

Making your vision, a reality.

Bike Hire

ICEE takes pride in partnering with Brompton Bike Hire to design and install their renowned bike docking systems throughout the United Kingdom. From eco-friendly solar-powered docks to reliable mains-powered options, ICEE offers a comprehensive package to meet all needs. Brompton’s unique requirements were seamlessly fulfilled by ICEE, making us the perfect match.


ICEE’s collaboration with Terrafend has revolutionized their product offerings. Our top-notch design and manufacturing services, widely utilized for their effective cleaning solutions, have proven to be exceptionally advantageous. For further details regarding our enduring partnership with Terrafend and the comprehensive project, kindly click the link below to peruse the insightful case study.


Discover our highly advanced Bespoke Enclosure range for telecommunications. With our extensive experience, our specialist teams have successfully operated within the Railway Network, the Highways Network, and most notably, the Full Fibre Broadband Network. Our exceptionally talented design team specialises in creating fully bespoke enclosures that perfectly match your unique requirements, guaranteeing upmost customer satisfaction. 

Specialised Enclosures

ICEE specializes in providing Specialised Enclosures that offer a wide array of benefits to elevate your product or service. Our proficient design team at ICEE ensures that each enclosure surpasses the utmost compliance standards, catering to diverse industries with unparalleled expertise and precision. With ICEE, rest assured that your enclosures are meticulously crafted to meet and exceed industry requirements.

Fully Bespoke Design Process

Opening new avenues to future innovation.

A Bespoke Option opens new opportunities for innovation, future-proofing, adding competitive edge and contributing to better business performance. Our bespoke features are compliant across the entire fibre industry, surpassing the competition, thereby providing the highest level of service to your customers.

Key product features of our Bespoke Offering Include:

Battery Back Up

To ensure constant connectivity, we install a variety of battery back up systems, based on your power requirements. This keeps your customers connected at all times.

Temperature Control

Keeping your equipment cool is a must. ICEE can offer a range of cooling system solutions, from air conditioning, to a multitude of roof mounted fans.

Monitoring, Made Easy

Environmental conditions are easily monitored within our Broadband Enclosures. Customers have full choice over how many systems they would like to monitor within their enclosure.