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ICEE are industry leaders in the design, manufacture and maintenance of bespoke broadcast enclosures and equipment.

Consistent, Connected Broadcast

Innovative solutions for some of the UK’s biggest broadcast networks.

From Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) for BBC and Commercial Radio, through to creating enclosures capable of linking Microwave Equipment (DAB Backbone Network) to multiplexers for TRX equipment in the studio, our experience and qualifications cover almost all areas.

Our comprehensive expertise is reflected in the wide range of services we offer, which includes everything from Cable Management System Implementation, System Acceptance Testing, On-site Installation, Network Implementation and more.

Our Services

Services built upon a quality foundation.

Broadcast Equipment Enclosures

ICEE’s long-running partnerships with some of the UK’s largest broadcast operators are centred around our bespoke broadcast enclosure. Working as the bridge between live camera recording on site and the travel to the broadcast studio via the Fibre Network, our experience in enclosure manufacturing helped us to develop the perfect enclosure for the project.

Telecoms Field Services

Our services extend from small, independent works, to complex and high-risk on, or offshore implementations, providing tailored support and a guaranteed highest standard of delivery. Our reputation within both the fixed and mobile telecommunications sector includes proven expertise in transmission deployment projects and successful delivery of ‘DICI’ services.

Decommission (Field Services)

ICEE’s extensive field services team offer a range of key services for broadcast providers. One service which has national reach and interest is our decommissioning service. Our team of highly qualified engineers have extensive experience in the removal of both live and redundant equipment. To learn more about our skill set, or to learn about our previous work and how we can help you, please contact us.

Compliant on All Fronts

Key accreditations set us apart from others.

All of our sector-specific support teams are highly qualified and experienced in field service disciplines. ICEE works to top levels of certification, including all four major IOS Standards, amongst many others.