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Everything from new builds, refurbishments, conversions to fit-outs
Here at ICEE we can guide you from start to finish through your construction projects, may they be large or small, and can help you with everything from converting commercial to residential properties, warehouses to office spaces to new builds. Our accredited engineers, technical experts and quantity surveying professionals have the ability to identify the exact method of construction to be used in conjunction with materials, advise you on when you would need to ask for a planning consent or bring to your attention any considerations needed for sustainable practices, so that your projects meet your time and cost priorities.


Creating new homes from outmoded old commercial buildings is not an easy task to undertake. If we leave aside the great deal of imagination, time and foresight necessary to achieve a successful conversion project, you will most importantly need a team of highly-qualified and experienced engineering professionals that will know everything about the building’s suitability for the proposed project, building condition and potential issues, construction requirements, construction cost management, statutory compliance and legal considerations, as well as sustainability, energy savings and related developments.



Here at ICEE our dedication to quality and constant striving for improvement and innovation, enable us to turn old or out-moded buildings into luxurious and comfortable new homes. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced engineers can handle even the most challenging projects and deliver results that are on time, cost-efficient and compliant with all relevant industry regulations and standards. They will also give you support every step of the way, helping you choose the most appropriate methods and materials to use. Our experience extends over a wide range of sectors from commercial and residential to industrial and more.

New Builds

New Builds

Our team of accredited and highly experienced engineers, architects and chartered surveyors have worked on both commercial and residential properties and have the capability to build everything from the ground up, as well as manage your new build projects with the highest level of safety, quality and efficiency. They will not only execute your project in a timely manner, but also achieve all relevant industry standards, while guiding you throughout the project on best practice, budget, cost-efficiency, compliance and planning permissions.



An additional service that we provide for all our conversion and refurbishment projects is flooring. Whether you require a purely functional floor for a factory or a decorative feature for a retail development or a public building, ICEE offers a complete solution. We will rip out, level and polish an existing floor, or provide a full turnkey project that involves a brand new installation.

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A concrete floor is one of most buildings’ hidden assets. Polishing concrete floors can bring many advantages and benefits, such as:

  • Transforms an existing utilitarian asset into one that has added value
  • Costs little to maintain and no periodic replacement is required
  • Results in a truly level and smooth surface that lasts for generations
  • Hygienic, easily cleaned – ideal for retail, healthcare, food and manufacturing industries
  • Offers a distinctive and appealing appearance where design and style is a priority
  • Environmentally preferable compared to vinyl sheet or painting, both of which are carbon-based, wear out and require specialised and costly removal and disposal
  • Increases efficiency of underfloor heating and saves energy costs
  • Overall, better value for money and return on investment compared to the alternatives
Working with us

Working with us

We always strive towards having a flexible approach, which means that we will be happy to work with you as a sub-contractor, partner, or even direct supplier. Here at ICEE we offer a range of flooring options, including:

  • Concrete and wood levelling and polishing
  • Results in a truly level and smooth surface
  • Rip-out, removal of grout, adhesives and existing covering
  • Environmentally responsible and safe disposal of waste
  • Preparation, levelling by diamond grinding, polishing
  • Repair including routine maintenance
  • Polishing and repair of terrazzo flooring
  • Bespoke solutions – not just floors, but worktops, tables, seating

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