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Warranted and made to last for years our roofing services are designed to take the risk out of roofing and deliver peace of mind. As highly skilled roofing contractors, we take full responsibility – on a turnkey basis - for the complete design, specification, procurement, fitting, finishing and maintenance of your roof, plus related cladding and rainwater management systems. Our extensive experience in the industry, in-house resources and expertise gives us the flexibility to work on completely traditional or unconventional roofing projects. 
Our capabilities

Our capabilities

Our roofing design and material recommendations are completely impartial and always undertaken with the best option in mind for the customer. Whether a new build, refurbishment, or a conversion project, we can work with you as a partner, or on a directly commissioned basis. Additionally, we will carry out bespoke architectural commissions and special installations.

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In order for a roof to remain leak-free throughout its design life, your contractor needs to have the knowledge, expertise and years of experience necessary to get it right the first time, therefore, minimising risk and saving you a lot of hassle and unnecessary costs in the future. ICEE’s operatives have the highest level of care, training and specialist expertise to achieve this. Note that ICEE operatives work directly for the company.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio

The evidence of this high quality approach may be seen in the extensive portfolio of commercial and residential buildings of different ages and size we have worked on – for proof, just look at our gallery of finished projects. The quality of our people and their methods, their years of knowledge and our state of the art equipment – plus our enviable Zero Harm record - enables ICEE to perform exactly and reliably to specification.

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When choosing us, our experienced designers’ knowledge of legislation and understanding of structural design will ensure the utmost safety of your projects and that they will be fully compliant with industry standards, including safety. Our technical and engineering experts will work closely with you to deliver projects that meet your exact specification and ideas.

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The standard of roofing we provide will ensure a sustainable and durable protective envelope for your buildings. When designing, installing or supplying a roof for our clients we ensure that they receive not only the highest quality of service, but also a product that will last for generations to come. We provide both modern and traditional roofing options and the materials and processes we work with include:

  • Bitumen hot-melt
  • Felt roofing
  • Poured epoxy resins
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Lead
  • Zinc

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