When ICEE was established in 1985, we were mainly a provider of telecommunications and electrical services such as commissioning, equipment integration, maintenance, and decommissioning, across a range of industries including broadcast, data, fixed and mobile networks and more. As time moved on, we decided that as a managed service, we wanted to be able to offer a full turn-key solution, by offering an enclosure manufacturing service, which is now one of our key selling points across a multitude of industries.

We understand how important it is, when investing in valuable assets, to ensure that they are protected from damage, sustainable and secure.

The Process

The first stage of our Enclosure Manufacturing process is our Design for Manufacture service. ICEE’s engineering designers are familiar with the advanced technologies and practical demands across our industries and – based on your specification – we will transform any of your fabrication requirements into reality. Our advanced computer aided facilities (3D CAD from SolidWorks) are directly linked to CNC machines. This enables the practical delivery of swift, efficient, and accurate design, coupled to make, and test prototypes, followed by rapid one-off or batch production whilst minimising costs.

The benefits of having your design specification reviewed by us includes a number of technical methods aimed at reducing costs, including minimise part count and any re-orienting of parts to speed assembly. Another benefit is our environmental and economical commitments, meaning we will value-engineer the design, ensuring it will be made the most economical way, using the least materials.

After design, the next stage is the start of the fabrication process. Here at ICEE, we provide a range of different manufacturing techniques, which aid our enclosure manufacturing service. Our enclosures can be crafted from a range of sheet metals, which are cut via our Fibre Laser Profiling Machine, cutting sheets up to 12mm thick, and we most commonly craft our enclosures from Stainless Steel, due to its high strength, low weight, and long-life capabilities.

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After the sheets are cut and stripped, we use state of the art brake press machines, to bend and fold the metal sheets. Metal bending can be a complex process, but is made easier by our manufacturing methods, and quick set up times. Once folded, the parts are transported to our fully equipped and modern welding shop. Our welders are highly qualified, and we strictly adhere to the British Standard Specifications and other recognised codes including Class 1 Coded Welding to BS EN 287-1 2011. At ICEE, we offer three different welding methods, which are Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) and Spot Welding. Our final stage of the manufacturing process is to have the enclosure coated and finished, in a paint colour of your choice.

When the manufacturing process is complete, we begin the assembly aspect. As a managed service, we can expertly assemble, test, warehouse and deliver your products. Our product assembly service is completely flexible and designed to meet your specific needs. We have the capability to assemble products at our premises from free-issue parts you supply us with, or with our own products fabricated on site, or bought in. Our assembly capabilities include panel wiring, cable assemblies and wiring looms, electrical assembly, power distribution units, rack builds, and AC/DC Circuitry.

All enclosures are electrically tested and inspected, to ensure they achieve your high standards, as well as ours. Finally, we can arrange shipping, and offer our full range of Field Services, such as installation, commissioning, integration and more.

Enclosure Use Cases

Over the years, we have fabricated enclosures for a large range of industries, our most notable being Fibre to the Home or Business, Infrastructure (Railway, Highways etc) and Green Technologies (Battery Enclosures, Bike Hire, Hydrogen Fuel Cells)



Working in Fibre to the Home and Business since 2018, has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge on the challenges faced within the industry, and helps to give us an understanding of what is coming next. Using this experience, we now offer a full range of Broadband Cabinets which can easily be made bespoke to fit your specification. Ranging from small single drop-down cabinets to larger multi-bay enclosures, we can cater to all needs.


Encompassing the Rail and Highways Networks, our infrastructure enclosures can be seen across the United Kingdom. All of our highway’s cabinets are approved by the HA and make up a key part of the UK’s Motorways. We can also offer the CECS Family, fit for use across the Scottish network. Our railway cabinets have been on the network for over twenty years, and are currently in the process of being upgraded, via our Refurbishment Service. Once again, these comply to industry standards and compliance levels.


Green Technologies

Finally, ICEE enjoy creating enclosures and solutions for a range of Green Industries, such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Bike Hire and even battery enclosures. Once again, using our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we work on creating solutions for problems faced within the industries, and help to innovate and design new solutions. We also offer an off the shelf battery cabinet, which has the ability to charge a high number of batteries, ensuring they are ready for use at all times.


Our Enclosure Manufacturing service can be used for a whole host of products and industries and is completely bespoke to every customer. If you are looking to start an enclosure project, why not reach out to us and see how we can help.