Equipment Integration

ICEE’s integration services, combined with rigorous testing processes, are designed to bring nodes and network elements into commercial service efficiently and swiftly.

Modern Methods

Experience & Support

Our thorough methods of integration coupled with the support and experience of ICEE’s commissioning engineers, gives professionals within the Telecoms, Broadcast, and Data sectors the security of knowing that the integration service provided by ICEE will be accomplished accurately, reliably, and at least cost.

Our services can help with anything from the simplest to the most complicated network upgrades, including expansions, consolidations, and migrations across multiple technologies – legacy as well as leading edge. This thorough approach, ensures that you have a resilient, high-performing and continuously available network. When choosing us, you can rest assured that ICEE’s team will mitigate risk and deliver the highest level of compliance and safety in their processes.

Our Services

Whenever, Wherever

At any moment in time, our engineers will keep you updated of project development and highlight any issues that have been found. This means, the potential risk of future and costly failures are eliminated well in advance.

Our comprehensive range of integration services includes:

  • Rack Face Layouts verified
  • Systems settings checked
  • Nodal functionality tested
  • System ID to NOC proved
  • Alarms tested
  • Connections to network proven
  • Call testing (data or voice)
  • Test documentation completed
  • Site secure and left fit for use
  • Any optical or power tests
  • Ring stability tests
  • Fault diagnosis and rectification (where necessary)
  • Swap-out of redundant equipment


Coupled Services

Our equipment integration services go hand in hand with our installation process. Using highly qualified engineers, and modern installation methods, ICEE are recognised for the thorough turn-key service we offer.

equipment integration