EV Charger Installation

Established for over thirty years, ICEE are UK Government Installers of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points for commercial properties and businesses.

Embrace The Change

Full turn-key service offering, from initial planning, through to life-cycle maintenance.

ICEE are UK OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles) Approved Installers for a range of EV Chargers, for commercial properties and businesses. We have the ability to install both AC and DC Chargers, in vast quantities. Advanced planning, highly skilled electricians and competitive pricing sets ICEE’s installation service apart from others.

Our offering includes the full site planning and pre-assessment, EV Feeder Pillar Manufacture & Installation, Charger Install and Electrical Connection, as well as life-cycle maintenance.  To get started, please call us on 02392 230604 or email sales@icee.co.uk

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How It Works

At ICEE, we keep our installation service simple. Our team of Account Managers, Project Managers and Field Staff are highly qualified, and on hand at all times to answer any questions you may have.

Leave Your Details

Answer a few basic questions to get us started, and leave your details, so one of our experts can reach out!

Decide on your Chargers

We offer a range of Electric Vehicle Chargers, from suppliers such as Schneider, GeWiss, Rapid and EO. We can advise on power, number of chargers and cost.

Complete a Survey

Once decided, we will provide you with a short survey, which can be completed on your phone, allowing us to understand your exact requirements. This also allows us to provide our quotation.

Benefits of EV Charging

EV Charge Points have a range of benefits for commercial properties and businesses, and with increased Government Funding, there has never been a better time to invest.

Customers Stay for Longer

Retail businesses benefit from EV Charging Stations. They motivate customers to stay & browse for longer, with straightforward parking facilities that can simultaneously provide charging benefits. Longer browsing increases the shopping basket.

Keep Employees Happy

Employees who feel valued by the business – and whose needs are met – are more engaged and productive. Providing essential electric charging for employees demonstrates a responsive and committed employer.

Demonstrate Environmental Commitment

Social responsibility is key for businesses today, and enabling greener transport is a crucial part of that. EV Charging at your business sends a clear and visible message about where the business stands with respect to reducing the environmental impact of its operations and personnel.

Improve Efficiency and Cut Costs

Electric Charging Points for Businesses work great, if you intend to turn your fleet of vehicles electric. Having chargers on site, opens opportunities to save on fuel and maintenance costs.

Who We Work With

Collaborative partnerships are an essential aspect of our EV Installation Service at ICEE. These partnerships enable us to offer a comprehensive, turn-key solution, resulting in cost-effective services without compromising quality.

OZEV Government Grant

ICEE has official recognition from The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles to be an authorised installer under the OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). This means we can submit grant claims for our customers, enabling you to save money under the WCS scheme for the installation of specific types of EV workplace charging equipment. An EV infrastructure grant gives you money off the cost of wider building and installation work that’s needed to install multiple charge point sockets.

The work can be for sockets you want to install now and in the future. For example, an EV infrastructure grant can cover things like wiring and posts.

The grant covers 75% of the cost of the work, up to a maximum of £15,000. You can get up to £350 per charge point socket installed, and up to £500 per parking space enabled with supporting infrastructure

You can receive up to 5 grants across 5 different sites.

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