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Green Technologies

Design and manufacture of products whose use is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment is made easy by ICEE.

Preparing for Tomorrow

Modern, Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Products

ICEE has embraced the continuous advancements in green technologies, enabling us to enhance our manufacturing expertise and adopt industry best practices. This empowers us to cater to customers who are entering the industry or extend our services to those who are already a part of it.

Our extensive expertise at ICEE encompasses a broad spectrum of ventures. These include the design, manufacturing, and implementation of EV Products, Hydrogen Refuelling Enclosures, Off-Grid Power Systems, and Remote Solar Powered Stations.

Our Experience

Modern solutions for modern industries.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fuel cells offer a proven, practical way to help counter global warming, achieve zero-carbon and provide an alternative, renewable source of energy. ICEE have worked on the design and fabrication of bespoke enclosures to hold Hydrogen Fuel Cell Equipment.

Solar Powered Storage

Bespoke enclosure manufacturing is used across the green technologies industries. ICEE’s work with Sun Store allows individuals with solar panels to store extra power. Our collaborative relationship allows us to build rapidly, as well as precisely.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Installation for commercial properties.

At ICEE, we complement our Green Technology offering with exceptional EV Charging Point installation services tailored for commercial properties and businesses. Our status as UK Government Approved enables us not only to offer financial grants but also an array of additional benefits. For further information, explore our comprehensive EV page.

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