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Enclosure Range

Design & Manufacture

ICEE designs, makes, installs and services standard TR1100 and TR2130-compliant 600c, CEC, 600 HADECS and MCX PDU-type highways equipment enclosures, or will rapidly build you a bespoke solution.

Fully Compliant

ICEE cabinets all comply with relevant industry standards. This includes the Highway Agency’s TR 2130C environmental tests. Protection against water ingress is covered by BS EN 60529, up to IP 56 rating. 

Field Service

Our UK field service capability includes installation, ongoing maintenance, equipment upgrading and cost-effective refurbishment of old network cabinets.

Highways Enclosure Range

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HADCES Type 600

HADCES Type 600

ICEE design, manufacture and install the HADCES Type 600 Highways Enclosure, which has been approved by the United Kingdom Home Office. Seen across the UK highways network, the type 600 cabinet makes up a key part of the infrastructure.

For dimensions and lead times of the HADCES Type 600 cabinet, please get in contact with our sales team, who will be able to provide more in-depth information.

Combined 640 Cabinet

Combined 640 Cabinet

The Combined 640 Cabinet is available in two variants, a full and half height variant. Each variant has the same features and utilises the same footprint, the only change being the height of the cabinet. The enclosure has a range of features including a sloped roof, a three-point locking system and internal heating controlled by an internal thermostat.

The cabinet can also come with some of the following optional extras:

  • Fibre Optic Based gantry power isolation power circuit
  • Extended 610 plinth
  • Grandmaster Key Solution
  • Internal LED lighting

For more info, follow the link below:

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CEC (+S) Family

A Full Family Of Cabinets

ICEE supplies the full range of  CEC cabinets for the Highways Network, in both England and Scotland (S). The family encompasses CECEL, CECR and CECEB. High quality practices feature at every stage of our process. ICEE holds four key certifications, namely ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 27001:2013 and 45,001:2018. To find out more, visit compliance.

Broadband Enclosures

OP Family

An innovative range.

Alongside other Highways Cabinets, ICEE supply the whole OP family. The complete over parapet cabinet range includes NRTS, Power, HE and CCTV. As well as manufacturing these enclosures, we also have the ability to install them. Visit our field services page to find out more.

Broadband Enclosures

Our Process

Our in-house resources, cross sector experience and highly qualified engineers give us the ability to offer our clients a bespoke end-to-end fabrication and project management service. Whether you’re interested in a complete solution or just one service, view our fabrication process to find out what we could do for your specific needs.
Communications Enclosures
Design for Manufacture
Communications Enclosures
Profile Cutting
Fabrication and Assembly
Communications Enclosure
Installation and Commissioning
Maintenance and Decommissioning
Maintenance and Decommissioning

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