Below we look at the services offered by ICEE, in which we can refurbish and re-innovate your bespoke enclosures either in situ or back at our factory, without having to fork out thousands of pounds for brand new enclosures.

Reasons to consider re-using existing network cabinets.

Financial gain – by extending the life of your assets through the refurbishment of the existing network, this will provide vast savings to your budget enabling growth in other areas of the network.

Programme – by re-using the existing network there would be considerable reduction to the  project duration and disruption than  if you are faced with a new cabinet swap out and having to reroute power, data and fibre cabling.

Customer disruption – Down time for major upgrades carried out of hours thus providing your clients with a seamless transition.


Cosmetic – Do you feel your cabinets are not up to the standard of the new kids on the block? Maybe it’s a dull paint colour that’s faded over time, or pesky graffiti covering key labels? One of our most popular refurbishment options is purely cosmetic, which can include replacement panels, cabinet wrapping or even just a deep clean!

Power – Not enough juice left in the tank? If your enclosures are no longer meeting the power requirements expected, it may be time to think of  increasing the power! By investing in new power and battery upgrades, you can save yourself the hassle of low output services.

Innovation – Stuck in 2007? Still using old manual keys which can end up anywhere? Maybe it’s time to switch up your security and begin investing in modern locking technology, such as Bluetooth?(technically quite old technology) and wireless keys.

Cooling – With the ever-changing weather conditions seen around the world, can your cabinets keep up with the heat? Or maybe, they are starting to freeze! From internal heat management systems to air conditioning units, get a jump on the weather forecast!

Check out the examples below of cabinets which have been on the Highways Network for around 20 years. These were given a full overhaul back at the factory and are now back out on the Network and will serve a further 20years.


Barry Croft, ICEE’s lead design officer, said that “by using a refurbishment process, it makes the design aspect more simplistic for all parties. We can incorporate new products and designs we have developed, into older bespoke enclosures, by using 3D CAD software and other key industry programmes”. Refurbishment is seen across a large multitude of industries, from fibre to the home, transportation networks through to broadcasting and data management. One of ICEE’s current refurbishment projects is working on trackside delivery cabinets, ensuring that they are now up to today’s standards and able to run modern technologies.


Shane Thomas, one of ICEE’s client account leaders, had this to say about refurbishment. “Refurbishment is a great option for customers for a number of reasons. One of these for example is that when modernising a network, refurbishment is a real alternative to costly replacement services. In today’s demanding economy, refurb represents a highly cost-effective way to maximise value, minimise waste, and extend the use of current assets in the field”. If you already have an established network in but it requires modernisation, ICEE will offer a full turnkey solution, exploiting the latest technological advances to increase return on investment.

ICEE a proven specialist in this field:

Back in 2017 ICEE were appointed by Wight Fibre on the Isle of wight to upgrade and refurbish around 30 existing cabinets along with providing new enclosures. The existing cabinets had already been subjected to 18 years of service, but these were brought up to the same functionality as the new ones read more about the project and how it worked from Wight Fibre.



Do you have congested switch or data rooms?

In addition to street furniture have you considered refurbishing a busy switch or data room? by decommissioning redundant equipment (which can be sold for scrap) this could provide your business with some valuable space for future growth or expansion. With the ever-increasing energy costs are you paying to keep redundant power-hungry equipment cool?