ICEE are pleased to announce our sponsorship of professional local boxer Mark Chamberlain. Read about it in our newest blog.


At ICEE Managed Services Limited we want to be seen as the go to employer for students looking and desiring to gain valuable work experience, a company that looks after its people and attracts the best raw talent.

At ICEE we create an environment where students feel happy, healthy, comfortable and positive. That’s the best route to Innovation one of our integral ethos values….

Putting people first and Collaborating every step of the way is an absolute necessity in winning the war for the next generation of talent, that we hope to identify and develop.

A survey carried out by investors in people showed that 84% of the next generation of talent in 2018 would like to work for an organisation that puts their people at the forefront.

60% of students leaving education this year would value career progression over salary. For 50%, investment in learning and developing would be the biggest inducement of loyalty.

ICEE offers students a variety of learning through work experience. They gain valuable skills to enable them to gain in confidence and be able to pursue a career of their choice. We are in a unique position here at ICEE to offer students a multitude of varying work opportunities, including but not limited to Design opportunities, Cutting and Folding processes, Welding skills, Fabricating skills, Product Assembly, Sales and Marketing experience, Human Resources working, Project based work, Accounting and Finance or even a career in Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment. The opportunities and possibilities are endless. If the student has an interest or even a real passion for something we have been and will continue to cater for their aspirations.

At the forefront however is expert coaching, mentoring and a burning determination from us to ensure that every student coming into work with us, leaves with a positive feeling of learning new skills and developing themselves as a person. This is essential for us.

We welcome students from local colleges and we work closely with a multitude of training centres including, Tellus, Cemast and UTC. We also work closely with the local schools to ensure we have opportunities to identify talent at a young age.


In 2018 so far we have welcomed in 21 students working across different disciplines within the company, this has proved to be a real success, and the students have gained a wealth of training and experience that will be worth its weight in gold as each of these students consider their next move.

All of the reviews have been extremely positive with many communicating that they actually did not want to leave us at the end of the placement!!!!!!

Our scrupulous and meticulous approach towards the students ensure that they will take away many positive and happy memories from their time with us.

We always leave the door open to a return at some point in the future.

Work Experience is just the beginning. But what a wonderful beginning it is to a young person’s future.

“The ICEE Leaders of the Future”.

ICEE Managed Services Limited is “All In” on all things Work Experience.

It is what we embrace and most importantly believe in:

Innovation: In service and Solutions

Collaboration: From start to finish

Excellence: In quality and outcomes

Experience: To be right first time