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We know waterjet cutting inside out.

A. Accuracy

It’s imperative to say that the more experience and skills you have when it comes to waterjet cutting, the better your results would be. Here at ICEE, we invest in the continuous growth of the skills of our employees to deliver the highest level of accuracy that waterjet cutting offers and get your parts cut right the first time. Our state-of-the-art waterjet machine is also a cut above the rest, allowing us to stay ahead of waterjet innovations, delivering better quality results at more competitive prices than most companies on the market.

B. Bespoke

We not only work with large companies looking to place batch orders, but also with small companies and artists looking to find a flexible supplier that can turn their projects into reality at a reasonable cost. Here at ICEE we’re always looking for the next adventure to get involved in and bespoke complex waterjet projects are our favourite projects to work on.

C. Cold cutting

One of the biggest advantages of waterjet cutting over other profiling techniques is the lack of heat generation during the profiling process. No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) means that your parts will not get deformed or melted during the process, which also reduces the number of post-profiling processes, such as milling.

D. Dimensional 3D cuts

Staying ahead of technological innovation, waterjet is the only profiling method on the market that can offer 3D cutting of parts. The advanced software of our waterjet cutter makes 3D waterjet cutting easy for us with no additional turn-around time and tolerance.

E. Efficient

We’re not only efficient on price, but incredibly efficient on service too. Using the latest waterjet technology gives us the ability to be faster and better than most, as well as allowing us to reduce the time scale of your projects.

F. Free issue materials

Clients can supply material to ICEE, which will be then managed by purchase order and job number on the sheet and stored in specified racking area.

G. Garnet

There are two different waterjet cutting techniques that we both offer to our clients, pure and abrasive waterjet cutting. Pure waterjet cutting tends use only water for the cut and is used for thinner materials. Abrasive waterjet cutting on the other hand mixes the water with an abrasive, such as garnet, which give us the ability to cut thicker and stronger materials, such as granite, cement, thick metals, ceramics and the list goes on.

H. High pressure

Water pressure up to 90,000 psi, enables us to significantly improve our productivity and reduce operating costs, as well as provide you with faster turnaround times and extremely competitive costs.

I. Intelligent software

We use Bysoft CNC, which enables nesting optimization and allows the selection of two different macro joints for the same job enabling increase in speed on certain elements.

J. Jet

Here at ICEE, we use the latest water jet cutting technology. In addition to the standard 2D cutting heads, our machinery has the ability to have up to two 3D cutting heads fitted, each with a continuous height sensor. The modular basin concept enables later expansion of the work surface to a length of up to 10 metres, as well as make high parts production possible.

K. Kerf

Narrow kerf, providing accuracy, precision and minimum wastage. Waterjet’s small kerf and part-on-part nesting capabilities optimises material use, increasing significantly cost effectiveness.

L. Lead time

One of the things that we pride ourselves most with is our ability to meet even the tightest deadlines. Our fast waterjet cutter and skilled operators can make any part, no matter how complex or specialised.

M. Machine

Here at ICEE, we use a Bystronic Byjet Flex cutter with two cutting heads, which provides us with the high level of quality and speed that we mention in our promising. This latest piece of technology also allows us to create complex 3D cuts with up to 46 degrees angle.

N. Nozzle

The cutting speed of the waterjet is tied directly to the nozzle horsepower, which is a function of the amount of water that’s exiting the orifice and the pressure. Thin cuts, high accuracy and precision all the depend on type of nozzle used for the cut. Here at ICEE, we have invested in a nozzle that ticks all the boxes.

O. Optimisation

Due to the fact that our waterjet technology is second-to-none, we have the ability to optimise our clients’ projects, reducing the usage material and, therefore, cost.

P. Precision

Waterjet cutting is known for its high level of precision, which comes in handy in more demanding applications, such as those for the aerospace sector. Our team of expert waterjet operators can also provide guidance on how metal fatigue of the cut parts can be reduced and their durability improved.

Q. Quality

Waterjet cutting offers five quality grades: X – highest quality, Q – quality, M – fine production cut, P – production, S – separation cut. Whichever type you’re after, we can deliver the best results in each one.

R. Radius

The minimum inside radius that can be achieved with our waterjet cutter is 0.4 mm and a minimum hole diameter of 1.0 mm. Unlike other cutting techniques, waterjet cutting can create a starting hole, saving you time and money.

S. Sapphire

The sapphire produces a long coherent stream using the 0.28mm hole, this directs the water flow into the centre of the cutting head to provide the accuracy.

T. Turn-key

Here at ICEE we pride ourselves with our ability to deliver a full turnkey fabrication service to all our clients. From design and profile cutting to fabrication, welding, plating and coating, to actual final installation and integration where applicable, we can turn any project into reality.

U. Units

From one offs to batch works, the waterjet machines versatility allows us to actively service all customer requirements.

V. Versatility

The uses of waterjet cutting are unlimited. Whether your material is thick or thin, hardened or soft, coated or bare, brittle, laminated or non-conductive, waterjet cutting can cut through anything and everything.

W. Wide range of materials

Waterjet cutting has the ability of cutting virtually any material there is with very few exceptions. To find out more about what materials a waterjet can cut, visit our blog here.

X. X Axis

The cutting head can travel 4 metres across the bed allowing for the profiling of large material sheets, utilising all available space on material.

Y. Y Axis

The cutting head can travel 3 meters across the bed allowing for the profiling of large material sheets, utilising all available space on the material.

Z. Zero waste

Due to the quality of our waterjet machine, we can guarantee right first-time results and no material wastage, which is extremely important when it comes to the use of expensive materials, such as titanium.