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Outdoor enclosures and fabrications for the transport infrastructure sector

With unexcelled experience, knowledge, and reputation for fabricating outdoor enclosures and project management within the Transport Sector, ICEE’s highly qualified engineers can offer a solution for even the most complicated and specific needs. Our complete end-to-end process includes everything from design for manufacturing, fabrication, installation and commissioning to maintenance and decommissioning of equipment. This has helped many of our clients receive the highest level of service at least cost. To find out more about our experience and products within your sector, please choose one of the following options.




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ICEE’s Highway Team prides itself on its extensive knowledge and experience within the Highways Sector. We have worked on a number of highways infrastructure projects, providing both fixed network and mobile telecommunications services, often in the most harsh and hazardous environments.

Our exceptional reputation for safe operations has helped us exceed over one million safe working hours in the highways environment, without any time lost or injury. When choosing us, you will be guaranteed diligent project management delivered on time, at least cost, whilst on-site risks are minimised and downtime significantly reduced.

Our expertise includes everything from installation, commissioning, and migration of new transmitter stations to the implementation of ramp metering and CCTV enablement and provisioning. We are also certified to carry out Non-Intrusive Testing (NITS) and last but not least, we specialise in the design and fabrication of highly compliant and efficient outdoor enclosures and cabinets for the Highways Sector, part of our end-to-end fabrication process.


ICEE’s unrivalled knowledge and experience in working within the Railways Sector has taken our highly-qualified engineers on projects as big as managing installation and commissioning projects for the upgrade of London Underground’s Central, Northern and Jubilee lines network systems.

When choosing us, you can trust that our multi-disciplined and PTS-qualified professionals will deliver your projects on time, with least expenditure, while consistently meeting the highest health and safety standards. An integral part of our approach is taking an immediate initiative in highlighting any issues found on site, thus saving our clients cost and delay. We also pride ourselves as being an approved member of Link-up, the rail industry’s supplier registration and qualification scheme.

Our services include everything from installation, testing and commissioning of equipment, fault finding and configuration of modems and network issues to general maintenance of rail telecommunications projects. Last but not least, we specialise in the design and fabrication of highly compliant and efficient outdoor enclosures and cabinets for the Railways Sector, part of our end-to-end fabrication process.


Over the years, ICEE has built a strong reputation for unsurpassable quality within the Marine Sector and we have had the chance to work with a wide range of companies, including manufacturers of hovercraft, seagoing personnel seating, and sonar systems to name a few.

At ICEE we rigorously test parts and assemblies to meet stringent quality and traceability standards specified by the customer. We can always warehouse stock and ship it anywhere in the world for your convenience. Our company has the highest standard of compliance of both products and service delivery and possess a number of recognised accreditations, such as BS EN ISO 9001:2000, NICEIC and more.

Our end-to-end fabrication process, starting with design for manufacturing, through fabrication, assembly, and packaging to warehousing and distribution gives us the ability to meet our clients’ most specific needs and fabricate high quality outdoor enclosures for the Marine Sector. Not only this, but our specialisation extends to cover project management, as well as installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of electrical enclosures and networks.

Transport off-grid solutions

When mains electricity is unavailable or connection is too costly, our off-grid power generator can come in handy. From quickly installed safety lights and animated signage for emergency road repair work to long-term CCTV surveillance and permanent installation in remote hard-to-reach areas, our portable and compact hybrid generator can provide dependable, eco-friendly, and reliable off-grid power.

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