Profile Cutting

ICEE offers thermic fibre laser and cold-cutting waterjet profiling services. We process almost any type and thickness of metal or plastic sheet fast and accurately. Materials we cut range from exotic aerospace alloys to ferrous and non-ferrous sheet, plate and thicker stock including plastic composites, wood and stone.

What We Offer


Waterjet Profile Cutting

Waterjet profile cutting is incredibly accurate, with a tolerance of 0.1mm. Our Waterjet can profile parts in both 2D and 3D, and cut through basically any material up to 200mm thick. This service is favoured by architectural industries, who need complex or large scale cutting processes.

Fibre Laser Profile Cutting

We use Bystronic 6kW Fibre Laser cutting technology to swiftly profile parts from ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal and light gauge plate. Quality is paramount, but our prices are highly competitive. Our Fibre Laser can profile sheet metals up to 12mm, but this can change depending on the material that is needed to be cut.

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Laser & Waterjet Profile Cutting

For sets of parts we make, we offer to manage the supply chain by carefully certifying and documenting parts. We organise delivery from our factory direct into your stores or production areas. This may be done on a just-in-time basis, or whatever your production and quality control processes require. For example, for a customer manufacturing aluminium marine craft, we have made, marked and delivered certified part sets direct into the customer’s factory and point of use, documented to comply with stringent Lloyds Register quality audit and traceability requirements.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet profiling of components offers exceptional precision with high quality of finish, while reducing customers’ lead-time and project spend. Our investment in the latest waterjet technology gives us the ability to offer incredibly competitive prices and to cut virtually any material, shape or quantity.

What We Offer.

Dynamic, Cold-Cutting

We know speed, quality and cost is everything when it comes to waterjet cutting. Our team of waterjet professionals can do 2D profiles and perform 3D operations on a single machine, reducing the handling and increasing the throughput, productivity, and efficiency of our operations. This means that we are highly competitive on cost, quality, and delivery. What’s more, we know the subtleties of the waterjet technique and how to effectively reduce metal fatigue and increase the life and durability of your components.

Laser and Waterjet Profile Cutting

Why Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet cutting enables high precision complex profiling, while at the same time maintaining the materials inherent structure. Since there is no ‘heat-affected zone’ (HAZ), metals are being cut without their intrinsic properties being harmed or changed, therefore, delivering a much higher quality of the finished parts. This also means less post-profiling processing or fettling is required, therefore, reducing the customer’s lead-time and spend per component.

Our Cutting Abilities

Whether you are a small construction company, or a larger engineering firm, at ICEE we try and cater to all industries. Below you can see the type of materials we can cut, with extreme precision and accuracy. Our Waterjet has a tolerance of 0.1mm, meaning we can be as precise as you need. All materials can be cut in 2D or 3D.

Sheet and Plate Metal

Fibre Laser Cutting

Our Capabilities

Fast, Accurate and Highly Competitive

Our laser cutting service enables us to provide clients with a fast and efficient supply of highly accurate profiled parts due to our investment in state of the art fibre laser cutting machinery. The fibre laser technique is an advanced, widely-adopted process that produces parts very quickly with little or no thermal distortion and with very high precision.

Our advanced software ‘nesting’ application optimises parts cut out of sheet material, so that scrap is minimised, enabling us to offer significant cost-savings to our clients.

Laser and Waterjet Profile Cutting

Cutting Applications

Precise, Detailed, Modern

Typical fibre laser applications include everything from precision engineering, high-precision sheet metal profiling, cutting ferrous and non-ferrous parts and panels to marking components for traceability, producing serial number plates, ID plaques, VIN Numbers and more. ICEE’s laser cutting service caters to virtually any sector, whether that is the automotive, aerospace, marine engineering, or the general manufacturing sector. Our years of multi-sector experience have given us the ability to develop our skills, so that we can always guarantee quick turnaround and high quality services to our clients.

Our Service

The Future of Cutting

The fibre laser cutting service is offered either on a sub-contracted basis, or as part of a complete end-to-end fabrication process. Either way, we can make any sheet metal or plate-based component for you from a wide variety of materials.

Laser and Waterjet Profile Cutting

Materials We Cut

Mild Steel – Up to 12mm
Stainless Steel – Up to 6mm
Aluminium – Up to 8mm
Brass – Up to 4mm
Copper – Up to 3mm

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