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ICEE Managed Services offer a range of different apprenticeship schemes as well as trainee opportunities in fabrication, integration, business administration and finance. Our internal recruitment team work closely with local schools and colleges, and work to best meet your needs and ours.  We spoke with three of our apprentices, Joey Frost – a workshop technician studying electrical engineering, Sophie Duke – A QHSSE HR apprentice studying Business Administration, as well as one of our trainees who works within the Fabrication workshop, Matthew Lander.

Why did you choose to learn and train at ICEE?

Joey – I chose an apprenticeship with ICEE as it was the best option I was presented with. After leaving my job as a chef, I began looking for something new, and had always had an interest in electrical engineering as well as the telecommunications industry. After researching different companies and apprenticeships, ICEE was the best option for me, as the offer they presented me allowed me to study my qualification with them, and they were also very helpful and flexible when it came to what I was looking to do. After my initial interview and tour, I instantly felt welcomed and enjoyed the atmosphere of the working environment. Everyone was very friendly and willing to chat about the work, and in that moment, I decided that I wanted to work here.

Sophie – I decided to complete my apprenticeship at ICEE due to the fact I wanted to work within a smaller, more personal company, rather than at a large corporation. After researching the company, I instantly read about the fact it was a family run company, and this appealed to me. I also was shown the apprenticeship I would be put on, and the qualifications I could gain was perfect for my future. Some of these include NEBOSH, IOSH and even down to being qualified in First Aid.

Matthew – I wanted to work at ICEE as it was a local company to me, and I had seen it and heard of it around the area and knew the type of work they did. Due to my interest in engineering, this led me to apply for ICEE and I was seen and interviewed very quickly. I also have a friend who works here, who has spoken to me about the company, and I liked the fact that he had previous experience here.

What made you decide to work in the telecommunications industry?

Joey – I decided to work in the telecommunications industry as during my time at school, I really enjoyed learning all about the world around me, and when I paired this with my interest in Engineering, I really began to question the things around me, like how my house manages to receive WIFI, so I thought I would enjoy learning and working in that industry. I was also swayed by the sheer size of the telecommunications market, and the places it was going as we move into even more of a digital age.

Sophie – I decided to work in the industry since I was quite interested to do a Health and Safety Business Apprenticeship, so I wasn’t too fussy on the industry. But once I had met the team at ICEE, I decided that this is where I did want to work, and now throughout my time here I have learnt about the sheer amount of Health and Safety that goes into Active Working.

Matthew – I picked the telecoms industry more down to the fact that I wanted to work in more of a hands-on engineering job. Some people said why not work in a car garage or within an industry like that, but I wanted to work on something that I had never done, and that I could learn about at the same time. I also think it’s a very interesting industry that is not as well known to the public.

What skills have you gained through your training and apprenticeships?

Joey – Throughout my time within my apprenticeship so far, I have gained many skills, and this isn’t just the qualifications I’ll receive at the end of my apprenticeship, but even down to things like people skills and communication skills. As I work in the workshop, I’m constantly collaborating with other employees, so I had to adapt and learn these new skills.

Sophie – I’d say I’ve learnt a lot of new skills just by being in a full-time working environment. I work in a very close team, so it has taught me to build good working relationships, and I’m constantly working with people from all around the company, so my confidence is higher.

Matthew – I have learnt how to work quickly in a fast-paced environment. In my job role, there is constantly new things coming in and out at a fast pace, so my training has allowed me to adapt to this, and work in a fast-paced environment.

What advice would you give others debating a trainee or apprenticeship role?

Joey – I would say go for it. It can be difficult at times, but in my eyes it’s a great way to learn and accumulate qualifications while getting paid. It also allows me to gain more experience which means I can progress upwards throughout the company.

Sophie – I think it’s a great thing to do, but my only advice would be to make sure the apprenticeship you do is definitely what you want to do in the future. If you want to learn and earn money, an apprenticeship is the thing for you.

Matthew – If there’s something you’re interested in, ICEE is the perfect place for you to work. They have a range of trainee opportunities, so there’s no harm in giving it a go!

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