We offer a comprehensive and flexible service solution and will maintain any type of low-power electrical installation, including electric vehicle (EV) workplace charge-point systems. Of course, we support equipment contained in the range of enclosures we manufacture and install. We will also service similar assets supplied by third parties

Minimising Risk

Vital Investment

ICEE regards maintenance as a vital investment within the lifecycle of equipment enclosure networks and related assets. Fail to thoroughly maintain all those assets and you risk your business. Hence our service may be extended beyond systems we implement to also cover equipment supplied and installed by third parties.

Highly Qualified Engineers

Our Approach

Repairs and Refurbishment

After installation, to ensure flawless equipment performance, lifecycle maintenance is key. We recommend a customer invests in planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules. This managed services approach means potential issues may be found and prevented, upgrades planned, and any repairs and refurbishment made on a safe and well-timed basis

Working Methods

Flexible To Suit You

A flexible approach means maintenance and related work by ICEE may be done when your services are running off-peak. This minimises system downtime and any risk of disrupting normal service to your customers. Our project management and maintenance teams will work closely with you to ensure flawless business continuity


Maintenance Services


Electrical upgrades can be needed for new or upgraded kit, ensuring that there is enough power for new components.

We can offer both a design and manufacturing process to go alongside this.


Over time, enclosures can be marked and damaged by a number of different ways. These include weather, graffiti and anti-social behaviour. ICEE offer cosmetic mainteance such as door changes, paint touch ups and more.


The location of your cabinet, and the surrounding area, can have a key impact on the ease of access, cleanliness, and public satisfaction. ICEE offer site and facilities maintenance, which can be as simple as cutting back hedges, or cleaning the site.