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With over 30 years working within the telecoms, broadcast, data and transport infrastructure sectors, we’ve grown to know how important location is to our clients, whether they are part of a large national organisation looking for a stable and well-established partner, providing electrical enclosures and related services within the UK, or a small local business that wants to find someone closely situated to them who can offer high-quality services at the least cost.

This is why, here at ICEE, we placed ourselves at two strategically positioned locations in the UK, giving us nationwide reach and the ability to cater for both local and cross-country requirements. Wherever you or your project is situated in the United Kingdom, including remote islands and other offshore locations, our highly experienced and qualified engineers will have no trouble reaching you, guaranteeing utmost reliability and quality of service, as well as the ability to resolve any emergency needs that may occur.

Electrical Enclosures UK
Telecoms Tower

Over the years, we have built great relationships and delivered high quality services to national organisations, such as Highway England, BT, virtually every mobile operator in the country… and the list goes on. Our nationwide reach, extensive experience, and unlimited resources can meet even the most specific requirements: from large companies seeking a reputable, experienced, and innovative partner to manage projects efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively, to small local businesses requiring a bespoke product or service at minimal cost.

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