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Ionela Personal Profile – New Role, 

How are you finding your new role?

“I feel that things are going very well. I am still learning all of the processes and details, and it’s coming together very nicely. My manager is showing appreciation for my work, and he is also willing to help whenever I need assistance.”

Would you say it is more challenging than your pervious role as a Workshop Technician?

“The role I am now in is very different and is something I have found very interesting. It’s a new world that I have discovered, so yes, it is more challenging, especially keeping up with new information and new tasks, which I tackle head on.”

How have you settled in with the department/team?

“The team I work within is great, but I knew that from the beginning. We all have mutual respect, both members of the team and management, plus everyone values one another’s contributions. Craig, my manager, has all the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism to the role and me as a member of the team, and I am very grateful that he is promoting growth and development.

Can you see yourself in this role long term, or is their other avenues you would look to explore?

“Absolutely! I see myself growing within the company, as a skilled knowledgeable person in my area and department. The company has great development routes and are happy to work with me on personal growth, whether that’s through separate training, or even working alongside other departments. I feel really valued and love the Family Feel that is felt through the office and the wider company.”