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Off-Grid Power Solutions

When National Grid power is not an option, here at ICEE we like to say, ‘no power, no problem’. Whether you have no access to the National Grid, the connection is too costly, or you need emergency power supply in a remote location, our expert engineers can rapidly provide a custom, off-grid low power solution.

Our Off-Grid Low Power Solutions

If you’re seeking to power something in a remote location with relatively low wattage (between 25W and 50W), such as CCTV cameras, emergency lighting, or environmental monitoring equipment there are a number of options available to you.

Using batteries as a source of prime power could be an option. However, these would need to be re-charged and replaced regularly to ensure a continuous supply of power and no downtime.

Another, more popular option could be to use petrol, diesel or gas generators – but while they do provide a robust and continuous operation, they can be extremely heavy, generate a lot of heat and produce an unpleasant amount of noise, plus air pollution, as well as become a source of contamination if fuel leakage occurred.

Here at ICEE, we can provide much more eco-friendly and efficient solutions, such as wind and solar power. These resources are often complimentary, so combining both can result in a smaller battery store and an overall cheaper, more efficient off-grid power system. However, we know you can’t always rely on the weather to generate power, so a backup generator, such as one of the Hydrogen Fuel Cells we supply, could be the ideal solution.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solution

Using a high quality, portable and low maintenance Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator provides off-grid electricity immediately and reliably for long periods in areas ranging from remote rural or offshore locations to dense urban streets.

The fuel cell is a hydrogen PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell generator capable of delivering 150 W of DC power for off-grid and backup power applications.

The fuel cell runs on readily available industrial hydrogen, delivered via standard steel cylinders which are self-fueled and contained within the enclosure.

Based on advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology and supporting low-carbon principles, the generator is economic to operate and runs reliably for long periods without maintenance.

Power may be further boosted and time between maintenance visits extended if ICEE attaches to the generator cabinet or telescopic mast optional photovoltaic (PV) panels, a wind turbine, or within the cabinet, a battery.

What it can support

The generator package is ideal for supplying power for long-run applications, such as remote monitoring, lighting, and security cameras, which can be powered from 12 or 24 volt rechargeable batteries.
Housed within a type-approved and robust ICEE cabinet, the portable and easily installed generator will support a wide range of electronic equipment and devices including:

  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Emergency and permanent lighting
  • Active and passive illuminated signage
  • Environmental monitoring devices
  • Electrical battery charging points
  • Emergency power for crises; and many other applications.



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Just some of the benefits of our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators are:

Safe and reliable: Portable and rapidly deployable, they will operate consistently day and night in any weather. Supplied by a leading manufacturer, the high quality fuel cell and gas bottle system is reliable, proven and safe, with replacement bottles readily available.

Little maintenance: Replenishing the fuel supply may only be required once a year, greatly reducing the number and, thus, total expense of maintenance visits. This is especially important when sites may be difficult or costly to access, such as isolated coastal or highland roadways.

Cost-efficient: Compared to the operating costs of most conventional petrol or diesel generators, the hydrogen fuel cell offers a highly competitive advantage (up to 75% savings for loads up to 150 W). Also, you won’t have the added expense of transport and technician time to replace and recharge batteries on a regular basis.

Low-emissions: Our hybrid generators are ‘green’ – they produce no toxic emissions (only water vapour) and run very quietly, unlike their carbon-fuelled counterparts.

Full Turnkey Solution

Our team of experts will advise and supply any one or more of these off-grid power options, depending on what you need. Based on your requirements and on a turnkey basis, a bespoke solution from ICEE includes everything from an integrated power system, enclosed in one of our high-quality and secure, weatherproof enclosures, as well as a comprehensive maintenance service package.

Our Products

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You will have a choice of standard approved cabinets or made-to-order enclosures, as well as a range of sustainable power options, including advanced fuel cell, photovoltaic (PV) panels, battery, and wind turbine support.

7Kwh Cabinet Features:

56Kwh Cabinet Features:

  • Houses the fuel cell battery
  • Houses one gas bottle
  • One unit provides up-to 7Kwh energy
  • Portable and rapidly deployed
  • Temporary or permanent installation
  • Ideal for cameras and other low voltage systems
  • Cabinet is based on the CEC Rage
  • One electronic bay
  • One Gas bay
  • One unit provides up-to 56Kwh energy
  • Portable and rapidly deployed
  • Temporary or permanent installation
  • Optional fast erect mast
  • Ideal for cameras and other low voltage systems

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