Enclosure Site Services

Our Electrical Sector offer commercial electrical fit outs for new offices, buildings and warehouses. We can plan, install and connect all electrical wiring, as well as run key internet cabling.

What We Offer

Enabling our turn-key service.

Comprehensive field services fully complement our design and manufacture of high-quality equipment enclosures. These vital turnkey services cover installation and ongoing maintenance. Our integrated support services will ensure your product or service performs faultlessly in the field. ICEE field services are backed by rigorous project management, including full accountability and traceability records. 

We will manage the whole field service process, from liaising with local authorities to site preparation, delivery and installation, commissioning and testing, through to ongoing maintenance and upgrading, repair and refurbishment. To start a discussion, please email sales@icee.co.uk or phone 02392230604

Our Field Services

All our sector-specific support teams are highly qualified and experienced in field service disciplines. ICEE works to top level certifications including all four major ISO Standards, and other key-industry accreditations including HERS and RISQS.

Site Surveying

Surveying is a key part of ensuring a site is safe and secure, to both contractors and members of the public. Not only does completing a survey give both us and our customers an idea of any challenges we may face, it also gives adequate time and information to create risk-assessments, and decide which safety measures need to be in place when work is underway.

This can include traffic management, road closures, pedestrian walk-ways redirects, or if required, taking the decision to complete the work at night.

Enclosure Installation

Ensuring your enclosure is securely fastened down is a first key step of enclosure installation. Enclosures are usually bolted down to an ICEE designed Plinth, or a concrete plinth already in situ on site. Either way, our engineers can adapt to your requirements.

Equipment Integration

At any moment in time, ICEE’s engineers can install key electrical equipment within your enclosures, including Broadband & Fibre Kit, Smart Power Systems, Specialised Computing Systems and other technical products you may require later on down the line.

Our engineers are trained to install key equipment safely, without interrupting the overall performance of your enclosure.

Provisioning & Commisioning

There are three things that every business aims to achieve: faultless system performance, fast achievement to business goals and higher return on investment (ROI). It is these three factors that drive our process when delivering commissioning services for our clients.

When on your site, our team of dedicated and multidisciplined commissioning engineers will take responsibility for delivering the highest level of accuracy and quality of service, while putting your communications assets into commercial use swiftly and safely.

From on-site installation to final network acceptance, our specialists can rapidly deploy multivendor and multi-technology equipment at least cost.

Maintenance & Refurbishment

After installation, to ensure flawless equipment performance, lifecycle maintenance is key. We recommend a customer invests in planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules. This managed services approach means potential issues may be found and prevented, upgrades planned, and any repairs and refurbishment made on a safe and well-timed basis.

A flexible approach means maintenance and related work by ICEE may be done when your services are running off-peak. This minimises system downtime and any risk of disrupting normal service to your customers. Our project management and maintenance teams will work closely with you to ensure flawless business continuity.

One Compliant Service

All our sector-specific support teams are highly qualified and experienced in field service disciplines. ICEE works to top levels of certification including all four major ISO standards, namely ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems.

Our field services can be used individually, or as a part of one of our Bespoke Offerings. Services, such as Installation and Bolt Down, work well for broadband providers, with decommissioning being a great offer for highways and rail networks on older systems. . To start a discussion, please email sales@icee.co.uk or phone 02392230604

Our Process
Our in-house resources, cross sector experience and highly qualified engineers give us the ability to offer our clients a bespoke end-to-end fabrication and project management service. Whether you are interested in a complete solution, or just one service, view our process to find out what we can do for your specfic needs.
Design for Manufacture
Laser & Water Profile Cutting
Installation & Commissioning
Maintenance and Decommissioning