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Sheet Metal Fabrication and Related Services

Process Overview

Here at ICEE we always welcome a good challenge and our highly-experienced design and sheet metal fabrication engineers are capable of realising even the most complex ideas, while at the same time finding ways to improve our clients’ operations, productivity, and efficiency. This is why we decided to invest our time in mastering the full sheet metal fabrication process – from the conception of an idea, through to its design, fabrication, fit-out and integration of the end product into the overall system of your organisation. Whether you are in the need of a specific service or are looking for a full or custom package of services, ICEE’s highly accredited and experienced engineering professionals can meet your specific needs.

Design for manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing

Profile Cutting

Design for manufacturing


Design for manufacturing

Installation and Commissioning

Maintenance and Decommissioning

Maintenance and Decommissioning

Design for manufacturing

Our engineering design services extend beyond the external structure of electrical enclosures and can also cover the internal design and fitting of any electrical equipment, data, panels, components and cabling.

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Profile cutting

The very beginning of any fabrication process starts with metal cutting. Here at ICEE we offer both fibre laser and waterjet cutting services, made available through our two new, state-of-the art profile cutting machines.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

After the metal sheet has been cut, folding, welding, coating and plating would follow before assembly into a custom product to cater for your specific needs. All of our fabrication services are completed with the help of cutting edge technology and lean manufacturing methods.

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Our highly-qualified engineers can ensure that equipment is safely installed at your site. This service could also extend to include a site survey/risk assessment conducted prior to installation to assure that the highest standard of compliance with health & safety requirements has been achieved.

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Flawless system performance is vital for any business. Our commissioning service will not only put your assets into commercial use quickly and accurately, but will also cover any testing needed to verify that all parts are functioning to their design objectives and specifications.

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ICEE offers routine and preventative maintenance services for a wide range of equipment to ensure that its full life will be completed to specification, while delivering continuous and faultless performance. As well as providing comprehensive maintenance packages for equipment installed by our teams, we also support systems installed by third parties.
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ICEE has a reputation for leadership in the field of decommissioning. Our experience covers a wide range of equipment, including everything from complex air-conditioning plant and battery back-up power systems to obsolete equipment, critical live systems, as well as telecommunications, broadcast, and data processing equipment, allowing the customer to benefit from the re-cycling revenue.

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