Rapid Deployment Communication Trailer

Innovative, Future-Proof and Preventative, keeping your customers connected. Find out more.

Self-powered, transportable

Built upon a fully road legal trailer with an integrated braking system, the RDC is the pinnacle of preventive solutions, with three separate equipment bays with cable routing connections.

With a 230V Generator encompassed within its own bay, it provides power for your telecommunications equipment, capable of supporting heavy loads, when you need it most. 


Made for fibre and telecommunications industries

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Packed with Features

Made to solve problems, immediately.

21″ Mounting Rails

With two sets of 21 Inch Mounting Rails (Customisable to 19 Inch), the RDC allows 72U worth of space for key telecommunications equipment.

63A Power Generator

Made to handle intermittent heavy loads, the 63A Internal Power Generator solves your power issues, while keeping a lightweight and portable design.

Full Cooling Capabilities

Two internally housed 215mm fans ensure your equipment stays cool, even under the harshest conditions. Linked to a PAPST Fan Controller, heat is no issue.

Upgrade to 4 fans for an added cost.

Full Fibre Ready

Two Fibre Patch Panels located in their own equipment bay allows key fibre infrastructure to be mounted through the RDC when needed.


The RDC Trailer has multiple applications, including:

  • Rapid deployment in the event of an RTA.
  • Sport and Festival Base Communication Station.
  • Temporary Ultra-Fast Wireless Network Capability.
  • Emergency Back Up
  • Bespoke Capability to meet your requirements.

Take It To The Next Level

Full Customisation Options*

Trailer Tracker

Want added peace of mind over the location of your RDC? Upgrade your specification to include a premium, trailer tracking system.

Anti-Theft Device

Add a layer of protection to the supplied trailer, by having us install a premium anti-theft device, ensuring only you have access.

Require additional cooling?

The RDC is designed with compatibility in mind. If you require additional cooling, upgrade to four 225mm fans for an added cost.

Battery Upgrade

The RDC comes equip with 1000W worth of Lithium Power, but if you require additional power, we can add extra lithium support.

“The RDC provides us the comfort that in the event of a large outage, our customers are covered”

– FTTX Customer

From Fibre Disaster Recovery to Temporary Ultra Fast Wireless Networks for Events and Festivals, the RDC is the perfect option for you.  To learn more about the RDC, please contact us.