When modernising a network, a real alternative to the complete and costly replacement of equipment enclosures and the outdated hardware within is to refurbish existing assets. In today’s demanding economy, refurbishment represents a highly cost-effective way to maximise value, minimise waste and extend the use of current assets in the field.

Proven Results

Enclosures that impress.

With the rising costs of raw materials and the impact on the environment, refurbishing an existing network may be a cost-effective, time saving, environmentally friendly solution for your business. What ever the condition of your enclosures, are highly qualified and experienced teams are confident they can bring them up to todays standards.

Our Services

Our refurbishment service can be contracted out for nationwide Field Works, or you can have your enclosures and cabinets upgraded here, in our state-of-the-art workshops. For customers running live networks, ICEE recommends Field Works be undertaken, to avoid downtime or delays to your customers and services.


Cosmetic refurbishments include replacement panels, cabinet wrapping, and even deep cleaning. Cabinet wrapping is a real positive for local councils, as the cabinet can then be used as an information board.


Mechanical refurbishments include new internal heat management, such as newer more powerful fans, sound proofing if your cabinet is performing louder than expected, or security improvements.


Internal refurbishments tend to be more telecommunications based, including but not limited to; power/battery upgrades, new electrical certification and fibre and cable management.

Our Industries

A Variety Of Works

Our refurbishment service works across a whole range of industries. Some of our previous works have been upgrading cabinets on the live rail network, refurbishing older enclosures from the highways network and updating telecoms control rooms. To find out more, get in contact with us.