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Browse our engineering materials and educational resources to find out essential information on electrical, network and data enclosures, installation, commissioning, and decommissioning services, maintenance, compliance, safety, efficiency, regulations and much more.

All our resources are free to download and designed to give the reader a better understanding of the processes involved around the fabrication and compliance of electrical enclosures, bespoke capabilities and related services. Each guide will help you make more informed and cost-effective decisions, as well as help you increase the safety and productivity of your operations.

An engineer’s guide to waterjet cutting

Are you considering or currently using waterjet cutting? Ensure you’ve chosen the right profile cutting method with our hands-on guide written for engineering professionals. The guide will provide you with information on the different types of waterjet machines and techniques, benefits and capabilities of the method, cost, how it compares to 5 other cutting techniques and much more.

IP Rating Chart

For those in the electromechanical, telecoms or transport infrastructure sectors, the use of the IP rating for electrical enclosures is mandatory, as the hosted equipment is often expensive and in control of mission-critical systems. This guide explains in detail what exactly the IP rating is, how to use it and why it’s important. It also provides you with the IP rating itself.