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Design for manufacturing

Our total fabrication solution begins with smart design for manufacturing, an integral part of the fabrication of high-quality and efficient products. ICEE’s engineering designers are familiar with the advanced technologies and practical demands of industries like telecommunications, broadcast, and data processing, as well as rail networks and smart highways, and – based on your specification – we will transform any of your fabrication requirements into reality.

Advanced facilities

Our advanced computer-aided design facilities (3D CAD from SolidWorks) are directly linked to the computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machines on ICEE’s shop floor. This enables the practical delivery of a swift, efficient, and accurate design, coupled to make and test of prototypes, followed by rapid one-off or batch production.

Our design for manufacturing service includes:

  • Transforming your concept or design specification into production drawings
  • Optimisation of mechanical and electrical components layout within the enclosure
  • Procurement of any bought-in parts and products
  • Rapid prototyping of components, enclosures, and systems confirguration
  • Testing, prove-out, and certification
  • Provision of engineering records

Flexible approach

Whether developing new products or improving existing ones, our expert engineering designers can work both from scratch or a customer’s brief and conventional drawings.


Having the design specification of your fabrication requirements reviewed by us has a number of important benefits, including:

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  • Without compromising quality, your specification or the functional performance required, we offer a number of technical methods aimed at reducing costs, including seeking to minimise part count and any re-orienting of parts to speed assembly
  • We will value-engineer the design, ensuring it will be made the most economical way, using the least materials necessary coupled to lean manufacturing methods, thus delivering value-for-money to the customer and highly competitive pricing
  • We will work to your deadline, however short, and in any case always seek the best ways to reduce the product development cycle, turnaround times and costs
  • To protect the client in the future and deliver high quality, we focus on best practice, industry standards and the highest levels of compliance
  • Maximising compliance and safety, as well as being safe in the knowledge that your designs are faultless and will deliver the desired results without delays, and there won’t be unpleasant surprises and unexpected outcomes
Our design for manufacturing service is available as part of our fabrication process and may be provided for either single projects or included within a total end-to-end solution, encompassing design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance.

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