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Telecommunications Installation, Testing & Commissioning

ICEE offers high quality, dependable installation services that include everything from survey and RAMS pack submission, onsite installation and testing of equipment, through to its integration in the overall system to the management of both large and small test and commissioning projects for our clients. All this is achieved by following a stringent and thorough compliance process that aims to deliver the highest level of safety and efficiency with minimum disruption of your operations, while at the same time helping you reduce costs and increase business productivity.

This page will provide you with everything you need to know about our installation, testing and commissioning services.


In the Telecommunications, Broadcast, and Data Processing sectors, the correct installation of electrical enclosures, equipment and systems is vital for achieving specified functional performance, safety and efficiency. Based on leading ISO, BSI and related industry standards, ICEE provides our clients with quality and dependable installation services, delivered with minimal disruption to business operations. All of our installations are risk assessed in compliance with the latest health and safety regulations, and include a pre-installation survey and health checks for system readiness that enables us to achieve a smooth and swift installation process.

Our highly qualified and accredited engineers are always ready to meet any urgent needs, provide support and give practical advice, while at the same time ensuring utmost consistency and reliability of our services. Not only this, but they will also provide you with document recommendations aimed to help you enhance the infrastructure and processes of your business, as well as improve the cost-efficiency of your projects. All this adds up to enviable safety record in the industry of achieving Zero Harm on the work we do.


With over 30 years of experience working with the Broadcast, Telecoms and Data sectors, we provide a comprehensive range of data, fibre and voice installation services that cover everything from system installation, testing, certification and ongoing maintenance. From major telecoms equipment manufacturers to national network operators, over the years we have gathered invaluable multi-discipline knowledge and hands-on expertise to offer our clients the following services:

  • RAMS pack preparation
  • Transport and delivery
  • Logistics support, including road closures, site access and permits
  • Equipment room infrastructure installations
  • Telecoms equipment hardware installations
  • External enclosure installations, including roadside and trackside
  • Data, voice cabling to frames (Twisted Pair / Coax / Balanced Cable / Fibre)
  • Fibre splicing
  • Frame rationalisation
  • Redundant equipment recovery
  • Cable management services, such as fibre management, basket mesh, power management, overhead steel trays, and underfloor routing


ICEE’s integration services, combined with rigorous testing processes, are designed to bring nodes and network elements into commercial service efficiently and swiftly. Our thorough methods of integration coupled with the support and experience of ICEE’s commissioning engineers, gives professionals within the Telecoms, Broadcast, and Data sectors the security of knowing that the integration service provided by ICEE will be accomplished accurately, reliably, and at least cost.

Our services can help with anything from the simplest to the most complicated network upgrades, including expansions, consolidations, and migrations across multiple technologies – legacy as well as leading edge. This thorough approach, ensures that you have a resilient, high-performing and continuously available network. When choosing us, you can rest assured that ICEE’s team will mitigate risk and deliver the highest level of compliance and safety in their processes.

Integration Services

At any moment in time, our engineers will keep you updated of project development and highlight any issues that have been found. This means, the potential risk of future and costly failures are eliminated well in advance.

Our comprehensive range of integration services includes:

  • Rack Face Layouts verified
  • Systems settings checked
  • Nodal functionality tested
  • System ID to NOC proved
  • Alarms tested
  • Connections to network proven
  • Call testing (data or voice)
  • Test documentation completed
  • Site secure and left fit for use
  • Any optical or power tests
  • Ring stability tests
  • Fault diagnosis and rectification (where necessary)
  • Swap-out of redundant equipment


There are three things that every business aims to achieve: faultless system performance, fast achievement to business goals and higher return on investment (ROI). It is these three factors that drive our process when delivering commissioning services for our clients. When on your site, our team of dedicated and multi-disciplined commissioning engineers will take responsibility for delivering the highest level of accuracy and quality of service, while putting your communications assets into commercial use swiftly and safely. From onsite installation to final network acceptance, our specialists can rapidly deploy multi-vendor and multi-technology equipment at least cost.

From risk assessments to pre-installation audits, planning and documentation, method statements, verification and installation, our best practice commissioning service covers every aspect of the quick, safe, and efficient commissioning of equipment within the Communications and Transport Infrastructure sectors. The execution of our process is conducted in a planned, controlled, and quantified manner, the primary objective being to achieve the highest level of safety for our clients, providing them with a facility that operates as a fully functional system as per the client’s specification.

Commissioning Services

Our commissioning services cover a wide range of equipment groups, including transmission equipment, optical systems and fibre networks, fixed switching platforms, cellular 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks, routers, and include:

  • Power-up
  • Configuration
  • Testing and data analysis
  • Network connectivity
  • Performance testing
  • Network trials

Commissioning can be purchased as an individual service or as part of our installation, testing and commissioning solution.

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