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Laser Cutting

Fast, accurate, and highly competitive, our laser cutting service – based on the latest fibre laser technology – produces profiled parts from a range of sheet metal and plate materials

Fibre laser cutting capabilities

Our laser cutting service enables us to provide clients with a fast and efficient supply of highly accurate profiled parts due to our investment in state of the art fibre laser cutting machinery. The fibre laser technique is an advanced, widely-adopted process that produces parts very quickly with little or no thermal distortion and with very high precision.

Advanced technology

Our advanced software ‘nesting’ application optimises parts cut out of sheet material, so that scrap is minimised, enabling us to offer significant cost-savings to our clients.

Fibre laser cutting applications

Typical fibre laser applications include everything from precision engineering, high-precision sheet metal profiling, cutting ferrous and non-ferrous parts and panels to marking components for traceability, producing serial number plates, ID plaques, VIN Numbers and more. ICEE’s laser cutting service caters to virtually any sector, whether that is the automotive, aerospace, marine engineering, or the general manufacturing sector. Our years of multi-sector experience have given us the ability to develop our skills, so that we can always guarantee quick turnaround and high quality services to our clients.

Our laser cutting service

The fibre laser cutting service is offered either on a sub-contracted basis, or as part of a complete end-to-end fabrication process. Either way, we can make any sheet metal or plate-based component for you from a wide variety of materials.


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ICEE’s laser cutting service is made possible by the use of the latest fibre laser technology, which achieves profiling by using a fine, but powerful, laser beam, delivered through a flexible transport fibre. The creation of the beam that cuts the material is 200% more efficient than the one of a traditional CO2 laser, which means that delivery is far simpler and production capacity bigger.
Some of the many benefits that fibre laser cutting offers include:

  • Simple or complicated profiling including internal shaping
  • Very high precision and accuracy
  • Little or no thermal distortion
  • Clean cut edges, fettling often unnecessary
  • Processing of many ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • 3000m x 1500m sheet cutting area
  • Reduced cutting times compared to CO2 lasers
  • Reduced heat affected zones compared to CO2 lasers
  • Lower processing cost than CO2 lasers
  • Faster throughput than CO2 lasers
  • Higher speed when cutting thin material
  • Higher accuracy of cut and level of detail achieved compared to other laser cutting techniques
  • Range of materials which may be processed
  • Small heat affected zone
  • In comparison with punching, fibre laser offers a higher edge finish, therefore, no de-burring or finishing is required
  • Speed is comparable or faster than other profiling cutting methods, excluding the waterjet technique

Materials cut on a laser cutting machine

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The versatility and flexibility of the fibre laser cutting process enables ICEE to cut a variety of materials and thicknesses. Whether flat sheets, tubes or plates, the fibre laser can cut all sorts of different shapes using special processing systems. Usually, thin to medium-thickness sheet metal and plate is best-suited to this method.
Some of the materials and appropriate thicknesses that could be cut on the fibre laser machine, include:


  • Mild steel – up to 12mm
  • Stainless steel – up to 6mm
  • Aluminium – up to 8mm
  • Brass – up to 4mm
  • Copper – up to 3mm


ICEE’s use of the latest fibre laser cutting technology enables us to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and precision that the method offers, all achieved on short turnaround times and at least cost. If you’re unsure whether fibre laser is the right technique for your needs, or you’re looking for the next level of cutting precision, or you simply want to request a quote, contact one of our fibre laser cutting experts.

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