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Bespoke Waterjet Cutting

Low-cost and quick turnaround, one-off and batch runs of high-quality waterjet cutting services

Waterjet profiling of components offers exceptional precision with high quality of finish, while reducing customers’ lead-time and project spend. Our investment in the latest waterjet technology gives us the ability to offer incredibly competitive prices and to cut virtually any material, shape or quantity.

Why choose us?

We know speed, quality and cost is everything when it comes to waterjet cutting. Our team of waterjet professionals can do 2D profiles and perform 3D operations on a single machine, reducing the handling and increasing the throughput, productivity, and efficiency of our operations. This means that we are highly competitive on cost, quality, and delivery. What’s more, we know the subtleties of the waterjet technique and how to effectively reduce metal fatigue and increase the life and durability of your components.

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Why waterjet cutting?

Waterjet cutting enables high precision complex profiling, while at the same time maintaining the materials inherent structure. Since there is no ‘heat-affected zone’ (HAZ), metals are being cut without their intrinsic properties being harmed or changed, therefore, delivering a much higher quality of the finished parts. This also means less post-profiling processing or fettling is required, therefore, reducing the customer’s lead-time and spend per component. 

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Materials cut on a waterjet machine

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Materials cut on a waterjet machine

Our state-of-the-art waterjet machine has the ability to cut through virtually any material up to 250 mm in thickness with very few exceptions. Instead of being limited by conventional cutting processes, the waterjet method will cut through sheet or plate material, thick or thin, and produce intricate shapes. Cuts all sheet, plate, and thicker metals, including materials, such as titanium. Some of the materials that we often cut include: metal and metal plates, ceramics, composites, stone, concrete, plastics, wood, castings and more.

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Waterjet Cutting Applications

2D and 3D waterjet profiling opens up a wide range of possibilities for design innovation and production cost savings for a wide range of industry sectors and applications. Whether you work within aerospace or architecture, precision engineering, ship building, electronics and marine engineering or automotive and value accuracy, precision of cut and high quality of finish, waterjet machining provides a real alternative to other, often more expensive, techniques.

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Advanced Bystronic waterjet machines

ICEE has invested in advanced waterjet cutting machines from Bystronic, a global leader in laser cutting, waterjet cutting and bending systems. The company also develops and supplies software we use to streamline the process chain, minimise waste and increase the productivity of our business.

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‘A-Z of waterjet cutting’


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