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Electrical Equipment Maintenance & Decommissioning

To add value to our complete fabrication, fit-out, installation, and commissioning process, we offer comprehensive electrical equipment maintenance and decommissioning services. Our planned and preventative maintenance services cover both equipment installed by our engineers, as well as third parties, and aims to ensure the safe, compliant, and efficient operations of your site. However, there always comes a time when you need to bid goodbye to your old equipment, even if it has served you well over the years. On these occasions, our highly-qualified engineers can provide you with a comprehensive, safe, and cost-efficient decommissioning and ground works enablement service. Continue reading to find out more about our services.


ICEE provides planned and preventative maintenance, including replacement, for all types of electrical equipment. Our flexible approach means that maintenance inspections and related work may be performed at off-peak times when demand on the the customer’s system is low. This minimises system downtime and any risk of disruption to normal working processes. As a result, clients gain maximum value.

Our maintenance service

The service aims to not only protect the client’s equipment from failures, but also enable it to complete its full design life-cycle and deliver continuous, faultless performance. Our cost-efficient and dependable services cover everything from replacing damaged or worn components, changing filters or providing complete equipment overhauls. We know how vulnerable electrical enclosures and equipment can be, which is why when choosing ICEE you benefit from a 24-hour emergency cover, that will guarantee immediate action on any repairs or replacements.

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What are the risks?

If not maintained properly, your electrical enclosures may be exposed to rapid deterioration, such as reduced lifespan of important electronic components, fuse and circuit-breaker malfunctions, unexpected system shutdowns and more. Therefore, regular maintenance is pivotal in order to achieve safe and faultless operations. When choosing ICEE, the prevention of any failures and risks at the client’s site becomes our highest priority. Which is why our service extends beyond equipment installed by our team, but also covers systems installed by third parties.

Complete solutions

To take our clients’ safety and efficiency to the next level, we also provide a complete end-to-end process that includes not only the fabrication and configuration of electrical, network and data enclosures, but also their installation and integration, followed by coordinated maintenance of both the outside of the enclosure, as well as servicing the systems hosted inside, a combination that has proven to bring significant cost-reductions to our customers.


ICEE’s extensive experience of working within the Telecoms, Broadcast and Data Processing sectors has given us the opportunity to manage a number of large decommissioning projects. This is how we got to develop our in-depth skill-set, know-how and expertise in providing comprehensive, safe and cost-efficient decommissioning and ground works enablement services. ICEE’s services cover everything from complex air-conditioning plant and battery back-up power systems to decommissioning obsolete equipment alongside critical, live systems.

Our experience

Our decommissioning experience comprises, but is not confined, within the following industry environments: Broadcast TV and Radio Networks, PDH and SDH Telecommunications networks, microwave systems and external antennae, RF networks for CATV distribution systems, decommissioning air handling and air conditioning systems, heating and ventilation systems in buildings and more.


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When completing a decommissioning project for our clients, we always look for ways how to not only complete the project quickly, safely and with least disruption to our clients’ site operations, but also ways to eliminate high costs and risk factors.
Our decommissioning services include:

  • Waste Transfer Certification recording all waste transport movements
  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Detailed reports including EWC codes, tonnage and recycling values
  • End-to-end management of the waste audit trail
  • Return of full recycled values to the client
  • Provision of de-install and reinstall of major transmission equipment
  • Power system rationalisation from generator to distribution systems
  • Consultation and advice
  • One-off and multi-site operations
  • Site surveying
  • Formation of expert project teams
  • Provide all required project planning documentation including RAMS pack
  • Pre-start – making safe all electrical and environmental supplies
  • Provide specialist equipment and transportation
  • Produce evidence to fully satisfy WEEE Directive
  • Regular and comprehensive client communication and reports

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