Waterjet Cutting

2D & 3D Waterjet Cutting of virtually any material, up to 250mm.

Fibre Laser Profiling

Fully automated, Bystronic Fibre Laser profiling of Sheet Metal for various industries.

Metal Forming

Folding of Sheet Metals is made easy by ICEE’s three Bystronic Brake Presses.

Metal Welding

TIG, MIG and SPOT Welding is made easy by our team of welders.

Finishing & Assembly

Metal Plating, Coating, Finishing & Assembly is our final turn-key manufacturing step.

Bespoke, Turn-Key Offering

Dedicated Manufacturing Sector

ICEE’s dedicated manufacturing sector expertly design, produce and assemble sheet metal components, enclosures and other key metal parts for a variety of unique industries.

Our turn-key offering sets us apart from others on the market, allowing customers a singular, full process point of contact. With three dedicated manufacturing workshops, ICEE can cater for a variety of prototype or batch projects.

As well as Bespoke Design, ICEE offer Fibre Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, CNC Folding, Welding and Assembly. Our highly qualified engineers are backed by ICEE’s ISO 9001 Accreditation, ensuring we uphold the highest quality.

ICEE pride ourselves on our turn-key offering. To start a quote, please call us on 02392 230 604 or email us at

Our Manufacturing Services

Our extensive sheet metal manufacturing services cover a variety of industries. All of our engineers are highly experienced, and when required are accredited to certain industry-recognised codings. To find out more about one of our services, visit its dedicated page.

Waterjet Cutting

2D/3D Waterjet Cutting of virtually any material, up to 250mm.

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Fibre Laser Cutting

Batch sheet metal profiling, made possible by Fibre Laser.

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Metal Forming

CNC Folding by three Brake Presses, up to four meters.

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Metal Welding

TIG, MIG and SPOT Welding is made easy by our team.

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Finishing & Assembly

Metal Plating, Coating, Finishing & Assembly of products.

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Why Choose ICEE?

ICEE’s extensive sheet metal fabrication experience is just one reason to choose us as your manufacturing partner.

Quality is Paramount

ICEE are BSI ISO 9001:2015 Registered, meaning our company is held to the highest UK Recognised Quality Accreditation. All parts and projects are inspected at each stage of our manufacturing service, before a final inspection prior to shipment.

Wide Range of Services

ICEE’s wide range of services ensures we can meet your exact project requirements. From innovative 3D Waterjet Cutting, to 4-Ton Brake Press Machines, our services are out of this world.

Full Turn-Key Offering

We offer a full, turn-key solution for our customers. By offering a whole variety of services, we can take your project from its initial design-consultation phase, right through to its final manufacture and inspection, helping you to cut down on cost, and reducing your lead time.

Dedicated Engineering Support

Our dedicated team of our Engineering Account Managers are the first port of call for your manufacturing needs, and remain on your project throughout its duration. This means no matter the time or day, we are on hand to answer any questions, or provide an update on your project.

Contact An Expert

ICEE specialise in the design, prototyping and batch manufacturing of stainless steel parts, enclosures and other metal products. Our highly reviewed turn-key service sets us apart from competitors, making us the perfect strategic partner for all your sheet metal fabrication needs.