Surveying is a key part of ensuring a site is safe and secure, to both contractors and employees on sight, as well as members of the public. ICEE offer surveying as part of our full turn-key solution.

Why Survey?

Safe, Compliant, Pre-Assessment

Not only does completing a survey give both us and the customer a heads-up on challenges we may face, but it also gives adequate time and information to create risk-assessments, and decide what safety measures need to be in place when work is being completed.

This could include Traffic Management, Road Closures, Pedestrian Walk-Ways redirects, or if easier, taking the decision to complete the work at night.


Process, Made Easy

ICEE work with a range of different contractors within a variety of industries, meaning we can help to organise and manage services on site, such as traffic managment. Working with you, surveying allows us to understand your, and also the sites, requirments.

If the customer already has contractors lined up, ICEE are happy to supply them with the findings of our site surveys, making the process simple for our customer.


Safety at every turn

Site specific RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement’s) ensure that members of the public, as well as staff, remain safe at all times while work is being completed. ICEE field staff are taught how to complete Risk Assessments both in advance and on the day, understanding what risks may be present during the works.

To compliment site safety, all ICEE Field Staff are first aid trained. Please visit our Compliance page to find out more.