Warren Harris


Warren has worked at ICEE for twenty-eight years now, starting when he was just sixteen years old. His job role is the Project Delivery Group Leader.

Within his role, he leads the PDG group, who manage all aspects of our Field Services offerings. Once the design and manufacture of the product is complete, it moves over to PDG, who are then the customers point of contact. These services can range from cabinet installations, electrical certifications, refurbishments and even through to yearly maintenance. Alongside this, Warren is crucial to Business Development within the company, working alongside team leaders and our managing director, to ensure the company moves forward in the correct way. Warren enjoys the job as “every day can bring a different challenge” and he enjoys finding ways to fix them.

Outside of work, Warren enjoys listening to music and spending time with his family, including walking his dog. He also watches his son play football locally, and going on bike rides. Warren describes himself as “proactive” and has developed this over his career at ICEE. Finally, he enjoys travelling abroad and learning about the surrounding earth, with a keen passion for gardening.