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Chris Arnold


Chris Arnold joined ICEE in 2007, and has worked to continuously bring new clients to the company, while maintaining fantastic working relationships with older long-term customers.

Chris joined ICEE as a Field Engineer, completing a variety of jobs nationwide around the United Kingdom, focusing on Telecommunications and Broadband Connections. He has visited the Isle Of Man, Scotland, Ireland as well as Gibraltar, working on a multitude of jobs. After working as a Field Engineer, Chris was asked to manage a customers account, which led him to working alongside the sales team. After proving his success in the sales department, he transitioned into a Client Account Leader, and now heads the whole sales team, as well as working internally on Business Development. His current role includes ensuring all customers are satisfied with the products and services ICEE are providing, while also quoting new works and managing his department.

When not working, Chris enjoys watching sports, and travelling on holiday with his family. He enjoys playing pool and snooker, and is always up for a game.