Craig Ritchie


I have worked with ICEE for the past 8 years. I am extremely passionate and love what I do here. I garner job satisfaction when I can achieve something great for the company like passing external audits or helping others in need. In my spare time which is mostly at the weekends I enjoy spending time with my friends going out for meals and enjoying walks around the park. I would say I am a very competitive person and I place pressure on myself to succeed in anything that I undertake from a business and personal perspective. If I could select one other profession as opposed to the field I am in, I would have to say playing Snooker. I love watching and studying Snooker when it is on the TV and would love to play professionally.

A couple of interesting facts about me is that I am a Gigafinalist and Megafinalist in Chess, I can complete some tricks on a skateboard and I once saved a young girl from drowning in a swimming pool when I worked as a lifeguard. If I was to describe myself in three words, I would say Conscientious, Methodical and Scrupulous.