Ryley Arnold


Ryley Arnold joined the team at ICEE in 2020, and has developed with us since he was fifteen years old. Initially joining as a production technician, assembling our bespoke enclosures, he now is the Marketing Coordinator, heading up all aspects of the company’s brand.

On a day-to-day basis, Ryley manages a range of tasks, including running social media for ICEE, planning, executing and analysing marketing campaigns, making changes and updating our website, working with customers to produce joint marketing ideas, and helping out the sales team. His experience working within the manufacturing aspect of ICEE has allowed him to gain better knowledge on both the products and services we offer, as well as the industries we work within. Ryley “really enjoys learning about the industries we work within, and the way our work is helping both businesses and the public across the UK”.

When not working, Ryley enjoys going out to pubs and bars, as he enjoys being social and getting out in the world. He enjoys travelling with his friends and family, and is always looking for an excuse to go to the pub.