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For rail, highways, and marine sectors, ICEE are a UK Leading Supplier of Key Telecommunications and Engineering Equipment for these sectors.

Excellence Across Industries

Extensive experience in a range of transportation industries.

With unexcelled experience, knowledge, and reputation for fabricating outdoor enclosures and project management within the transport sector, ICEE’s highly qualified engineers can offer a solution for even the most complicated and specific needs.

Our complete end-to-end process includes everything from design for manufacturing, fabrication, testing, installation, maintenance and decommissioning. These services have helped many of our clients receive the highest level of service at least cost.

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Fully Bespoke Design Process

Opening new avenues to future innovation.

A Bespoke Option opens new opportunities for innovation, future-proofing, adding competitive edge and contributing to better business performance. Our bespoke features are compliant across the entire fibre industry, surpassing the competition, thereby providing the highest level of service to your customers.

Key product features of our Bespoke Offering Include:

Battery Back Up

To ensure constant connectivity, we install a variety of battery back up systems, based on your power requirements. This keeps your customers connected at all times.

Temperature Control

Keeping your equipment cool is a must. ICEE can offer a range of cooling system solutions, from air conditioning, to a multitude of roof mounted fans.

Monitoring, Made Easy

Environmental conditions are easily monitored within our Broadband Enclosures. Customers have full choice over how many systems they would like to monitor within their enclosure.

Turn Key Offering

Comprehensive Field Services

One of our key benefits that sets us apart from competitors is the fact we offer a whole range of telecommunications and broadband field services, which can be used on a job-by-job basis, or as part of one of our complete design to manufacture offerings.

All of our highly skilled and qualified field engineers, electricians and technicians are managed by our dedicated Project Delivery Group, who are on hand at all times to assist with any site issues, no matter the time or place. We also have an added Project Support Team, located in Warrington, which allows us nationwide coverage at all times.

To find out more about our Field Services, please visit the dedicated page.