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Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting is a modern method to cut and profile complex parts and angles, in a range of materials. Our Waterjet can cut materials up to 230mm, in a range of different finishes.

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Using a Waterjet Cutting method has a large range of benefits, including being able to cut virtually any material, working within a tight tolerance (0.1mm) and being able to cut in both 2D and 3D.

Previous industry use cases include:

  • Construction (Kitchen Counter Tops, Metal Bars, Wood)
  • Automotive (Interior Trims, Fibre Glass, Plastics, Foam)
  • Architecture (Wall Art, Custom Designed Pieces 2D/3D)
  • Stone (Tiles, Rock, Garden)

    Our Process

    Keeping it simple, for all.

    From the prototyping of parts, through to large-scale batch processing, ICEE’s offering caters to a variety of industries. We keep our process simple, ensuring we keep costs down, and have extremely competitive pricing. Our knowledge of best practice and key ideas ensures we are a key player in the Waterjet Cutting Industry.

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    Waterjet Cutting for every industry.

    Networks around the world.

    Due to the cutting capabilities of our Waterjet, we work within a vast range of industries, creating products used across the world. A few of these industries include:







    Highly Accredited

    Compliant and Trusted.

    ICEE hold key, industry recognised accreditations, ensuring we are fully compliant across all the industries we work within. We have a strong commitment to quality and best practice, and place great emphasis on the improvement of our services.