With women playing a key role in the telecommunications industry, we decided to celebrate some of the wonderful ladies that help ICEE run and achieve our goals within our engineering departments. We discussed their routes into the industry, their progression in the company, and their personal experience within the industry.

Ella – I joined this industry through my dad, as he has always worked within design,  especially in the telecommunications industry. After I completed work experience with ICEE, I really enjoyed it, and they offered me a job. After taking the job I have continued to enjoy the work and learn new things. I’ve progressed well through the company and have had so many great opportunities. Just last week I visited New York City on a work trip, in which we presented a cabinet to a new company that I designed. It went well, and I feel I am really thriving within the industry.

Nicky – I have worked in this industry for a very long time, starting around 20 years ago. Straight out of school I worked for an air conditioning company, before applying to ICEE and working on the shop floor. I then progressed into the field, before returning to the shop floor many years later after I took a different job. My progression through the company has been great. When I first worked at the company, I asked my line manager to go out in the field and learn about the things I was building. This in turn was what got me really interested in the role before I went out in the field full time. Within two months, I was leading my own team. In that time many years ago, there was a stereotype that I as a women had to prove myself to the men in this time, but this is what drove me to be the best I could be, and I gained that respect straight away. These days it’s very different, and although it is a male dominated industry, I feel that there is less of a stereotype about women in engineering.

Maria and Jo – We both joined the industry as we wanted to do something new, and really enjoyed working with our hands on small products. We then both just thrived within our roles as assemblers as we continue to do so. Recently we both had a week where we went round learning all about the different departments within the company, as we wanted to try something new. This was brilliant as it meant the company are happy to invest in us and allow us to try new things.

Beth – I joined the industry as a Project Support Administrator, working alongside the projects team and managing the field engineers. I work within a small team of men and women and love the work I do. I enjoy learning about the practical engineering side as well, as this gives me a better understanding of my role and allows me to get out on site meeting with engineers. I really enjoy working in the industry as it is constantly changing and adapting. There are always new challenges for me to overcome, and my role allows me to be very collaborative.

Molly – I work within the company as a Project Coordinator. I joined the company working between accounts and projects, and after 6 months ICEE saw a great deal of potential in me and then pushed for me to do an apprenticeship. Within the apprenticeship I worked between Projects and Accounts. After competing this, projects asked to have me full time, which was ideal for me as I enjoyed it more. The company is also great at investing in their employees, and after paying for my apprenticeship they also paid for me to complete other courses which bettered my career and experience within my role and the industry.