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Data Cabinets for the Communications Sector

For over 30 years ICEE has been delivering the full end-to-end process of design, fabrication, fit-out, installation, and on-going maintenance of electrical, network and data cabinets to the telecommunications, broadcast, and data sectors. As well as managing large projects for our clients, such as commissioning, installation and decommissioning of equipment, we have also replaced whole systems and integrated new network systems. We continue to deliver excellence and paramount advice to large and well-established communications organisation within the UK. When choosing us you can rest assured that you will get the highest level of knowledge and expertise, as well as prompt and fast delivery at a very cost-effective price. To find out more about our experience and products within your sector, please choose one of the following options.




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ICEE is one of the leading suppliers of electrical and data cabinets and services to the telecommunications sector. With years of experience in fabricating and fitting-out robust outdoor cabinets and communication equipment, we provide our telecoms customers with the choice of purchasing just one service to a full managed end-to-end process of fabrication, delivery, installation, and maintenance of equipment.

We have a preferred supplier status with a number of leading blue chip telecoms network operators and equipment vendors, and pride ourselves with having worked with every licensed mobile operator in the UK.

Our extensive experience, knowledge, and know-how within the sector, combined with a crossover of skills and practice within other related sectors, such as broadcast and data, surpasses anyone else’s on the market. Our team of health and safety focused and highly accredited engineers provide a flexible and dynamic work process intertwined with unique system tracking and live reporting, which aims is to deliver a faster turnaround to our customers, with cost-saving and efficiency in mind.

Our telecoms services

Our services extend from small works to complex and high-risk on- or off-shore implementations, providing tailored support and guaranteed highest standard of delivery. Our reputation within both the fixed and mobile telecommunications sector includes proven expertise in transmission deployment projects and successful delivery of ‘DICI’ services. We have also gained an enviable record for carefully programmed management of roll-out, swap or enhancement services. Our portfolio of services includes everything from site surveying, equipment warehousing, delivery to site, installation, commissioning, RF and rigging, transmission/DCN circuit provisioning and mapping to project management and project support, equipment recovery and refurbishment, maintenance and much more.

Our experience of multi-vendor BSS and Node B installation and commissioning, combined with our fast and lean manufacturing resources, enables us to offer a unique combination of skill-sets to achieve significant economies for customers and provide not only high-quality, but also incredibly cost-saving services. Additionally, we are able to make up consolidated 2G, 3G and 4G shelters.

Broadcast & Data

From Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) for BBC and Commercial Radio, through decommissioning and removing analogue transmitter equipment and site power enabling for Microwave Link Equipment (DAB Backbone Network) to Multiplexers for linking Trx equipment to the studio, our experience and qualifications cover almost all areas of the broadcast and data sectors.

Continuous improvement is at the core of ICEE’s values and operations, which ensures that our engineers constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge by undertaking advanced training courses, engaging in continuing professional development (CPD), as well as attending conferences and belonging to professional institutions. What you will get when choosing us is high quality and fully compliant data cabinets and integration, backed up with a timely and flexible service, based on extensive industry, technological, project management and field knowledge.

Our comprehensive expertise is reflected in the wide range of services we offer, everything from Cable Management System Implementation, System Acceptance Testing, On-site Installation, Commissioning and Integration, to equipment enclosure manufacture, pre-site rack build and installation, equipment infrastructure installation, network implementation, configuration and optimisation, as well as project management, technical resourcing and resource allocation, site surveys, quality audits and any rigging and wireless solutions.

Communications Off-Grid Solutions

For locations where no National Grid service exists, the connection is too costly or mobile signal is not good enough, we offer a solution that can supply purely solar or sustainable power systems, unaffected by weather conditions or natural light. Our eco-friendly, portable, and extremely compact hybrid generator may be used to power a variety of equipment on low operating cost and does not require frequent servicing.

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