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Custom Electrical Enclosures and Off-Grid Power

Bespoke Cabinets

Bespoke Cabinets

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Off-Grid Power Solutions

Off-Grid Power Solutions

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Choosing a bespoke enclosure to meet your specific needs does not have to be a costly option. Here at ICEE we have the resources and expertise that enable us to offer our clients bespoke electrical enclosures that will meet even the most unique requirements at an affordable price. From the design stage to the actual fabrication of the enclosure, we take into consideration the clients’ particular needs, the working environment, as well as the enclosed equipment in order to create a high-quality and secure product.
Our work in providing bespoke solutions, as well as managing substantial commissioning and decommissioning projects, has also given us the experience of developing a number of off-grid power solutions.


Custom Electrical Enclosures
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Custom electrical enclosures

Sometimes the right electrical enclosure you need for your project may not be found in a catalogue and a standard option may not offer all the essential features that your situation demands. Here at ICEE we have the in-house resources and expertise that enable us to design, fabricate, install, and maintain high quality custom electrical enclosures and cabinets.

This means that when choosing us, you will be provided with the best outcomes for your electrical, network or data equipment and its specific housing requirements. Our advanced CAD facilities, CNC machine tools, lean manufacturing, and nimble project management allows us to quickly and cost-effectively make any configuration and quantity required.

We will develop the basic design for you in such a way, so that the product is made most economically and performs exactly to specification. Then we will make the steelwork, assemble the structure, panels and doors, as well as fit in all the cabling, electro-mechanical controls, and electronic systems.


What we can do for you?

Our full offering includes:

  • Secure, vandal-proof, and long-life custom electrical enclosures, which may include climate control if required, as well as a number of other options
  • Full system house testing services, including rigorous evaluation to meet EMC and climatic or environmental requirements
  • All our cabinets are constructed to meet IP65 standard
  • We will build one or more prototypes, while continuously testing the results and working closely with your organisation to develop the best result

Besides flexibility of products and services, ICEE’s reputation for value-for-money and fast turnaround precedes us, which is why we invest most of our time in bespoke projects where our skills and expertise can truly stand out. Our fabrication capabilities extend beyond electrical enclosures and cover everything from large, modular docking stations, special parts, assemblies and much more. Not only this, but our engineers are certified to perform testing and quality assurance, as well as install, integrate and maintain all equipment, both nationwide and offshore.

Design for Manufacturing of Electrical Enclosures
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Off-Grid Power
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Off-grid power solutions

When National Grid power is not an option, here at ICEE we like to say, ‘no power, no problem’. Whether your operations take you to locations that have no access to the National Grid, the connection is too costly, or you’ve had an emergency situation that requires the quick provision of equipment to the problematic area, our expert engineers will rapidly provide a custom solution to supply an independent power generator that is reliable, affordable and sustainable.

What’s more, our hybrid generators are ‘green’ – they produce no toxic emissions and run very quietly, unlike their carbon-fuelled counterparts.

Depending on a customer’s requirements and on a turnkey basis, our bespoke solution may include everything from an integrated power system, enclosed in one of our high-quality and secure cabinets, as well as a comprehensive maintenance service package.

Our off-grid capabilities

You will have a choice of standard approved cabinets or made-to-order enclosures, as well as a range of sustainable power options, including advanced fuel cell, photovoltaic (PV) panels, battery, and wind turbine support.

From quickly installed safety lights for emergency road repairs to long-term CCTV surveillance, permanent installation in hard-to-reach areas, or events and festivals, the hybrid power generator is quick to install and is designed to work around the clock in any weather.

Housed within a type-approved and robust ICEE cabinet, the generator will support a wide range of electronic equipment and devices, including:

  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Emergency or permanent lighting
  • Active and passive illuminated signage
  • Environmental monitoring devices
  • Electrical battery charging points
  • Emergency power for crises
  • And many other applications

To find out more about the off-grid hybrid power generator visit our products page.

Our off-grid capabilities
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